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What to do with the stuff you don’t want

My last newsletter answered a few often asked questions about the decluttering process, and my services. I also mentioned giving unwanted items away to charities, unless of course they are of value and you want to put them on Trade Me.

This month I wanted to give you some ideas on some easy ways to dispose of your clutter, which often isn’t trash, it’s just ‘stuff’ you no longer use, want, need etc. So here’s my list of worthy recipients:

Salvation Army – http://www.salvationarmy.org.nz/support-us/family-stores
We all know the Sallies, they help so many and are so grateful for donations. They take clothing, furniture, household goods, toys and books, and many of their stores will pick up items from you saving you a trip.

Hospice – http://www.hospiceshops.org.nz/ for the city locations and for the North shore shops go to http://www.hospicenorthshore.org.nz/Our+Shops.html They take all manner of clothing and accessories, trinkets and treasures, linen, home-ware, books, music and more. You will know from one of my previous newsletters that this one is close to my heart, from when they looked after my sister so beautifully and compassionately in her last days.

Women’s Refuge – https://womensrefuge.org.nz/WR/Support-our-work/Make-a-donation.htm
Their local refuges are always looking for furniture, clothing, bedding, household items and children’s books in good condition to make their safe houses comfortable and homely for women and children escaping domestic violence.

Donate NZ – www.donatenz.com
I read an article about this organisation some time ago and loved the idea. The process is simple! All you have to do is list what you have to offer, then Recipients have the opportunity to accept your donation. Alternatively, browse the Wishes section and if you can help, simply click “Fulfill Wish” to be provided with the Recipients details. If they accept, they contact you directly to arrange delivery of the goods or make arrangements to utilise the time or expertise you offer.

Tamaki Sports Academy – email: Doc Cullen [doc@docpuzzles.com]
Tamaki Sports Academy offers mentoring, coaching, and work experience to South Auckland youth who have dropped out of the mainstream school system but show some sporting talent. A major fundraiser for the academy, and an excellent source of work experience for their members, is the free metal collection service. They will pick up any old metal – computers, whiteware, roofing iron, metal piping, venetian blinds, batteries, car panels, cars, metal shelving, filing cabinets, machinery, lawnmowers, engines, and so on.

There really are lots of wonderful opportunities to make a difference in our community, and so easy to do. I’m going to finish this newsletter with an amusing story my oldest sister, Jan, told me recently. We were brought up on a farm in Hawkes Bay, and although I was quite young when we moved to Auckland I remember a lovely quite idyllic childhood. My oldest sister remembers much more of our life on the farm and Jan asked me recently if I remembered Mum’s bonfires… I didn’t, so it must have been before my time. Apparently when Mum had a lot of stuff she wanted to get rid of she would build a bonfire on our lawn, or in a paddock, and throw everything onto the fire. Jan said this occasionally included the odd piece of antique furniture, as well as clothes, shoes, books and the like. I loved this story because my Mum was very practical and organised and she would have thought it completely logical to build a bonfire to dispose of all the stuff we no longer needed. Of course, we can’t build bonfires here in the city, but I’m enjoying the visual picture I have of my Mum turfing stuff onto a glorious bonfire.

I wish you a wonderful month ahead, and much joy.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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