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Organise your business

Is your working environment set up and organised in such a way that you are able to work at your best and enjoy the satisfaction of being productive, and ‘in the flow’.

Or do you often feel stressed and out of control? Does the clutter drive you crazy and do you waste your precious time searching for information you know is there somewhere…

Effortless structures and processes in the business, and a decluttered work space, will create a difference you’ll feel immediately. With a well defined programme, I can establish the order you need and the means to keep it in place ongoingly.

Business Structures

Good structures are the foundation for every activity in your business. Without them you can experience a lack of control, customer service can fall by the wayside, and future planning can feel too daunting even to contemplate.

Here are just some of the areas where I can assist you:

  • Create organised business processes and systems in every area of your business
  • Set up effective procedures around filing and archiving: the email Inbox; computer documents; and regular filing
  • Organise your Database to maintain good customer and supplier contact
  • Edit and format important client proposals, marketing documents, and website copy
  • Work with you on your project planning, budgeting, and forecasting

This can all be accomplished within a few scheduled sessions, following a plan of goals and milestones we would set together.

I can also provide a regular programme of weekly assistance at your workplace to help you to maintain the systems we put in place.

Decluttering and Organising the Business Environment

Whether you work from home, or in a corporate environment, you will definitely benefit from an organised and uncluttered workspace. Decluttering the space and putting in place simple business processes – on your computer, your desk, or in your filing cabinet – will enable you to work efficiently, save time and relieve stress. This service can be scheduled over a number of hours, or days, to suit your timelines.

Angella will meet with you at your workplace [if you are based in Auckland]. An initial two hour consultation takes place to create the strategy and workplan, and the level of assistance required. This may be for just a few hours or days to handle particular areas of your business or working environment.

Alternatively, you may choose one of the services above with a structured programme and clearly defined milestones. This type of programme enables you to work through the new processes and patterns such that they are sustainable and work ongoingly for you in your business.

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