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Are we being congruent

Congruent = matching, fitting, similar, harmonious, corresponding; identical in shape and size

Congruency for me means that who I am being in all areas of my life corresponds with who I say I am. That may sound a little odd, but here’s what I mean.

My business name is Gioia, which is Italian for Joy. So that is who I am, both when I am with my clients, and in my life. I bring joy to others and I certainly receive it in abundance. I experience it every day, whether in the form of delighting in nature, or receiving a hug from someone special. And what is the word my clients most use, or write in their testimonials to me – yes, it’s “joy”!

When we’re congruent people get it, and they buy into who we are and the ethos of what we’re about. So why is being congruent so great? Well, I guess it is really about being your potential, who you desire to be, and demonstrating it.

Let’s create an example to show you what I mean. You decide that who you are is a successful business woman dedicated to a vision. We begin with the outer image, and let’s face it that’s where people will first judge and assess us. A successful business woman will portray that in her dress, her grooming and her posture.

Are you going to be believable if you have not dressed professionally, if your shoes are scuffed and your fingernails are chipped, or if you are sitting across from a potential client and your shoulders are slumped? A successful person walks tall with shoulders back and with a proud tilt to her head. You can see it immediately.

Your language will also stamp you as professional, or not. Your presentation and material likewise will bespeak the care you have taken, or not. It’s often what we may term the little things that can show us up. For example, in preparing material for my business the term “it’ll do” never enters my vocabulary. I will work on the material until I am completely happy with it, and am sure that what I am presenting relates to my sense of professionalism.

I am a lover of languages, particularly the Latin languages, however our own language of English is also rich and resonant. Therefore when I read material presented by others, which may be well put together and illustrated, but contains spelling and grammatical errors, I feel let down. I have an unreasonable urge to write to that person to gently suggest they proof their work more thoroughly, or let me do it!

However, it is not all about image. We need to believe in who we say we are. If we are passionate about our vision that will come across, and if we are congruent with that vision, everything will come together in harmony. Our speech, our mannerisms and our actions will all speak of our passion and vision, and we will be believable. Selling our business to others will become as natural as breathing.

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