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Professional Organiser, Angella Gilbert
Angella Gilbert

Angella believes one of the keys to a joyful life is living in harmony, with our environment, within our working day, and in our home.

Angella’s passion for helping others achieve this brings her joy. Having lived abroad for 15 years, she quickly found that the necessities of life were few and the pleasures of a simplified life were many. Italy became her second home for over eight years and as she became fluent in the language, she discovered the immense appeal of a country where its people live and love each and every day with an exuberance and passion that is enviable. That’s the passion Angella brings to her business and her life.

Professional Organiser & Decluttering expert

Angella delights in working side by side with clients in their homes, solving storage problems and creating beautiful living areas.

“I believe we all want our home to be a warm and inviting haven. If the home is organised and cleared of clutter it becomes a welcoming environment where we can truly relax and allow the tensions of the day to disappear.”

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In Your Business

Angella has an extensive background in business management in a number of industries including telecommunications, travel, management consulting, real estate and business broking. This experience, gained over many years in New Zealand, Australia, London and Italy, has contributed to Angella’s innate talent for creating organised systems and processes that work, both in business and in the home.

Her business clients enjoy the benefit of feeling in control that comes once order is established and simple practices are put in place to have their business running smoothly.

“To have your business day flow with ease is a joy. Once processes and systems are in place, everything becomes simplified and daily activities can be handled quickly and without stress, allowing us to perform at our best.”

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Angella and I spent an afternoon sorting out my apartment, as I am a chronic hoarder and I had a study full of junk. Angella was very patient with me and we managed to sort the study out to bring it back to a functional room again. This helped me enormously as I was beginning to feel like my possessions were taking over my life. Angella also helped me implement useful strategies that enabled me to not feel so overwhelmed by my ‘stuff’. I couldn’t recommend Angella more highly, as she was an absolute professional. Living in my apartment feels good again after her help.

Sarah Hitchings