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Simple decluttering ideas that will make an immediate difference

Many TV shows, and magazine articles, demonstrate the art of decluttering and what a difference it can make to our lives. However in practice, with our busy lifestyles, we often don’t get time to dedicate a few hours to sorting our desks, filing cabinets, computer files, database systems, or our homes. It can also seem overwhelming when confronted by cluttered rooms, paper strewn desks, and cupboards which are full to overflowing.

The whole process can actually be quite simple, and it’s liberating. Here are just a few ideas:

Home office

If you don’t have a filing cabinet [neatly stored under your desk], use a cupboard and sort your files and papers into coloured file sleeves and stack them on shelves in the cupboard, or use a couple of vertical file containers which make your files easy to access.

Important papers

Use a concertina file with labelled inserts so you can file away in one place documents such as legal papers, mortgage documents, insurance and medical papers etc.

Email sorting

File, cull and archive. Create folders, and sub-folders, in your Inbox for each of your categories and highlight and drag the relevant emails into the folder. This is a huge time saving exercise and you’ll be delighted at how easy it becomes to find emails.

Decluttering and organising your environment does need some dedicated focus. However, there’s no doubt that once done a sense of peace and harmony can be found, stress diminishes and one finds a feeling of relief at being ‘back in control’.

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