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Organise your home

Decluttering the home

A clutter-free home provides peace, comfort, and delight. Creating a well organised environment in your home, and a ‘place for everything’ that will work for the whole family will give you immense satisfaction and pleasure. I can work with you to:

  • Clear and organise any or all of the rooms in your home
  • Reposition furniture if necessary to create more balance and harmony
  • Assess which items can be relocated into more appropriate spaces or rooms
  • Create designated areas for everything so trying to decide where something should go is no longer a source of frustration
  • Find storage solutions where you thought none existed
  • Reorganise cupboards, pantries and drawers and free up much needed space
  • Establish filing systems for important papers and documents
  • Create easy ways to handle household bills, receipts etc
  • Declutter the garage and organise storage for tools, bikes, sporting equipment

Decluttering from a Distance – National and International Clients

No matter where you live, I can assist you to have a lovely decluttered environment with my Distance Decluttering service. You may also like to use this service if you have time restrictions and prefer a DIY plan. We can create your workplan, with easy to follow guidelines, and I can help you as you work your way through the plan, using a variety of means such as Skype, FaceTime, and / or phone and email.

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Change of Home

Packing up to move a whole household can be a nightmare. This is an ideal time to sort and sift through what you no longer want or need in your next home. You’ll become clearer on what you want to take with you so packing becomes a more simplified and orderly process.

Moving into a new home can also be pretty daunting, particularly when you’re surrounded by packing boxes. With an eye to ways in which to best utilise space, I can help you unpack and set up your home so everything has its dedicated place. You’ll feel settled and organised in no time.

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