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What is the one thing that will make an immediate difference in decluttering your home or workplace?

You may have heard me say this before, but it bears repeating: the one thing that will make a huge difference to your decluttering efforts in your home is to “clear the surfaces”. Now I know that many do just that moments before visitors arrive, however I also suspect that everything gets shoved into a drawer, under the bed, or in the spare room with the door shut. And then doesn’t get sorted or put away later, and just becomes a jumble of clutter.

Think about how nice the house looks when you have done this rushed, and sometimes desperate, declutter of the surfaces. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep that look and feel. So when you are making a clean sweep of tabletops and the like, think about whether you want to keep those items, and/or where they ideally should live. If items from other rooms have crept into your living room you might want to return them to their logical place, an example of this would be nail polishes and the like which should live in the bathroom; or the odd screwdriver which has been left out after the latest fix-it job and can be returned to the drawer or cupboard where you keep your tools.

Decorative boxes are also great for storing miscellaneous items in the living areas, and as they come in a variety of sizes you can use them for everything from magazines, TV remotes, CDs and DVDs, hobby items etc. They can also be stacked on top of each other and sit in a corner of any room where they create an attractive but unobtrusive display.

I was talking just the other day to a lovely couple, Steve and Lisa Stone, who are top agents with Harcourts in Remuera. We were discussing the concern many of their clients have around preparing their homes for public viewing. We will always be advised to clear away all the clutter before ‘open homes’ and I’ve helped several clients do just this before they put their house on the market. The same principle as above applies but do consider this: if you are putting your home on the market, you will want to clear the surfaces but this is also a good time to really think about what you’re keeping and do you want to take it with you when you do eventually shift house.

If you are considering putting your home on the market anytime in the future, you may want to talk to Lisa and Steve, they love what they do and they’re very good at it – take a look at their website: Here’s their latest market update: “Tony Alexander (BNZ Chief Economist) and the Real Estate Institute of NZ do a monthly survey of real estate agents to get a ‘from the coal-face’ view of how the market is doing across all of New Zealand. In their first BNZ-REINZ Residential Market Survey for 2013 they found the market to be very strong across all the indicators: from attendance at Open Homes, to auction clearance rates and interest from first home buyers and investors. Prices are strongly seen as rising and agents view the market as being a seller’s one. This is particularly true in our local market (Eastern Suburbs, Parnell, etc.) which is of course great news for our sellers.”

We are almost into the third month of 2013 already, and if you have made decluttering your goal for this year, I would love to hear how you are getting on. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you get stuck, even if you just have a question and want some advice on a particular area of your home.

As always, I wish you a month of joy, laughter and delight.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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