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Wardrobe Reshuffle

After our strange Spring weather, it now feels like Summer is here and we can enjoy these glorious sunny days. And now it’s warmer, it’s the perfect time to put away those heavy Winter clothes and shoes. I have always made it a practice to archive my out of season clothes partly for reasons of space, but also because I only want to see this season’s clothes in my wardrobe. It means I’m not rummaging through my entire wardrobe trying to find something to wear.

Some of you will know that my dear sister passed away a couple of months ago. While it has been a hard time getting used to no longer having her physical presence here with us, she is definitely with me every day. One of the ways she is so present is through all of the beautiful clothes I inherited from her. She was adamant that her daughter, Jo, and I should go through her wardrobe and take and enjoy her belongings. It was not a morbid process, Jo and I instead reminisced about the many fun times we went shopping with Heather… she adored shopping and her wardrobe was vast. Needless to say, Jo and I gained enough clothes between us to open a small shop.

Being a diligent declutterer, I saw this as an opportunity to update and fine tune my own wardrobe, culling the clothes I was tired of and no longer wore, and integrating Heather’s. I have donated bags and bags of clothes now to Hospice, who looked after my sister so wonderfully in her last week with us. And I have to say I also now have a vast wardrobe and am loving it. The point of all this is that I now only have in my wardrobe clothes I love, that make me feel and look good, and that are ‘in season’.

Here are a few ideas to get your wardrobe organised for Summer:

1. You want to start with a few plastic containers, whether they be the long shallow ones that will slip under your bed, or the larger clip top ones that could stack up in a spare wardrobe or even a corner of the garage.

2. Now pull out all of your Winter heavy clothes, shoes and boots and pack them away in the containers. I tend to keep one container for shoes and boots, and others for the woollens, jackets and coats. I also go through my drawers and take out anything I’m not going to wearing over the Summer, such as pyjamas, fleecy gym jackets, etc.

3. Your wardrobe should now contain just those clothes and shoes that you’ll be wearing this Summer.

4. Do go through these items and decide whether you are really going to wear them this season, are there clothes that are too big, or too small; or items that you put on and then decide they don’t look good on you or aren’t comfortable so you take them off [and hang them up again]. I suggest you cull these items, just leave yourself with what you really enjoy wearing.

5. Then all you need to do is categorise everything so that like items are hanging together; when you have all your tops, skirts, dresses, pants etc all hanging together in their categories it makes life so much simpler when it comes to deciding what to wear.

I promise you’ll love your revamped wardrobe, and by going through the culling process, you can then see what you have plenty of, and what you don’t have enough of. A good excuse for shopping the sales.

Here’s what a client had to say after we decluttered and organised her home office and wardrobe:

“I’ve had the pleasure of Angella’s assistance on a number of occasions, and it has always been a joy to work with her. She not only has a very positive nature, but offers particular skills which make life easier for her clients. And while her services sometimes involve entering her clients’ personal and private domains, she operates always with the highest degree of integrity, respect and professionalism. She is never intrusive and does not impose her own personal taste, style or preferences. She listens to her client, and is able to see in a flash the client’s own ways of working, and what their particular needs are. This is why her suggestions immediately click into place. It has given me a huge sense of relief to have a tidy wardrobe of clothes that I actually use, and an office that flows beautifully. I have been so much more efficient and free.”

I love helping clients with their wardrobes, helping them decide what looks good and what they can discard. Then we organise the wardrobe so that everything is visible – choosing what to wear each day becomes a pleasure instead of an agony of indecision.

I hope you find these tips useful. I wish you blessings and joy for the month ahead.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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