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Take the stress out of Christmas shopping

I know it’s only mid November however, with Christmas only 6 weeks away, it might just be the time to start thinking about the inevitable gift buying. I have some terrifically organised clients who buy gifts throughout the year so they are well prepared when it comes to Christmas. Of course if you do this, it’s important to remember that you have all these presents tucked away, and don’t make the mistake of going out and buying a whole lot more.

One client has a comprehensive list that she adds to as she buys items through the year, so she knows exactly who she has bought for and what she’s bought for them. This system makes it so much easier when it comes time to get everything out for wrapping.

My super organised sister-in-law, who I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, buys all of her presents throughout the year and is usually finished her shopping by November. This is no small feat as Debbie doesn’t just buy one present per person – she gives us all several beautifully wrapped pressies inside a pretty gift bag, all lovingly and carefully thought out for each person according to our likes, hobbies and desires. Such fun when it comes to opening them all up.

Now even though I’m an organiser, I don’t do my shopping until very close to Christmas, sometimes just the week before. My excuse is that I need to be in the Christmas mood before I start my shopping. I prepare a list of who I am buying for, with an idea of what I’m going to buy for each person and even where I’m going to buy each item, then I do it all in one go! I can usually cut it out in two hours or so.

So, I suggest if you’re not one of those super-organised people who has already all gifts bought and wrapped, that you try to make your gift buying as stress-less as possible.

– Make your list of who you are going to buy for.

– Beside each name make a note of what you think you would like to buy for them.

– Write down the shop that stocks each gift so you’re not tearing from shop to stop then back tracking because you forgot something.

– If you can, pick a day and time when you are going to do your Christmas shopping, I suggest you go on your own and maintain a laser focus on what you’re going to accomplish in the time you have.

Last but not least, buy something for yourself for Christmas! You are just as important as everyone else so why not treat yourself to something special that you may have had your eye on for while.

And finally…

Every now and again I like to recommend someone who I think provides a wonderful service, and this month it’s Linda Simmons, a real estate agent with a difference… Her marketing has earned her accolades in the industry, and she really gives every property the attention it deserves. She uses emotion to create desire in unique and innovative ways. In addition, Linda focuses on the personal aspects of selling someone’s home, making the process so much more enjoyable for the vendor.
If you’re even thinking you might sell, do call Linda, you will be so pleased you did.

Want to sell your home for more? Watch this brief clip.

Linda Simmons
Residential Sales

M 0274 590 957 AH 09 445 6337
Devonport 09 445 2010 F 09 445 2013
39 Victoria Road, Devonport

I wish you a happy joy-filled month ahead. I will be in touch before Christmas, but I just want to remind us all that Christmas need not be a stressful frantically busy time of year if we just remember to take time to relax and breathe, and remember that it is a time of year when we get together with loved ones, family and friends, and have fun!

Warmest regards and blessings


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