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Storage Woes, and some Solutions

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have problems with storage, not enough storage space, how to store items well, what to store where etc. I talk about storage and storage containers regularly in my newsletters, as you may have noticed, but it’s a while since I’ve made it the focus of a newsletter.

Here’s my list of what you can store in what type of container:

– Storage bin units such as fun multi coloured ones are great for kids toys and each bin [drawer] can be labeled by type of toys ie lego, soft toys, etc

– Decorative storage boxes come in all sizes and can be used for CDs, DVDs, makeup and hair products, personal stationery, memorabilia items etc – the list is endless

– Magazine containers which may be the type that sits alongside your sofa, or the vertical ones that can sit on a corner of your desk, can readily store magazines and periodicals at home or work, and the vertical containers are perfect for files and papers in your home office

– Plastic containers that can be tucked under the bed or in a spare wardrobe can store your sports clothes and shoes, and even the kids’ paintings they did at school when they were tiny and you want to keep as memorabilia

– Large plastic clip top bins can store everything such as out of season clothes, linen, sports gear, and even tools

– Take away type plastic containers and ice cream containers are good for the pantry to contain small items like herbs & spices and packet soups etc as well as inside the fridge and freezer; and I also use them inside the vanity unit in the bathroom to keep together like minded products [this makes items easy to find and keeps them orderly]

The beauty of storage containers is that they can generally be stacked on top of each other, therefore maximising use of space. They can be attractive as well as functional, and they are an inexpensive solution for those storage nightmares.

I also recently came across a great option for storing larger items off-site, and I’m not talking about a huge expensive storage unit. I met with one of the owners of this company and love what they are offering. Many of you know I am not usually a fan of off-site storage, however after I had a good look through Roary’s website, and met with Ryan, I believe this solution will suit many of you who struggle to store large items such as bulky sports equipment that you may only use for a limited few months of the year. Here’s what Roary says:

“Getting rid of clutter can be stressful – and expensive. Tired of driving back and forth to a self-storage facility, and paying for space you don’t use? Roary has a fresh take on traditional self-storage. Roary offers ‘on-demand’ valet storage solutions to Auckland. Manage, pick-up, store and retrieve your personal belongings – without having to leave home – and only pay a per-item storage fee!

Start storing from as little as $3 per month and as a valued reader of the Gioia monthly newsletter you can receive your first month free for all stored items! Simply type “Gioia” into the coupon code area when going through the online checkout to receive your discount.

Visit Roary at and start ridding yourself of clutter – one bin at a time!”

I hope you enjoy the upcoming month of November. I just managed to squeeze this newsletter into the month of October with only 2 days to go. The end of the year is almost upon us, and summer holidays are just around the corner.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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