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Spring Renewal

Spring is just around the corner; it’s a glorious time of the year when nature renews itself after the sleepy Winter months. And it’s also a time when we too feel renewed and eagerly look forward to warmer days and outdoor activities.

Here are a couple of fun ideas on how to rejuvenate your surroundings to bring the beautiful Spring days indoors:

– Clear everything off your dining room table and make a gorgeous centerpiece of Spring flowers, or maybe a bowl of delicious looking seasonal fruit.

– Think bright and cheerful: change your cushion covers or cushions using fabrics with colourful designs and fabulous textures. And you could also cover your couch with a bright throw or slip covers. My sister in Italy changes all her curtains and couch slip covers in Spring/Summer – she likes to change her apartment look to reflect the brights and lights of the new season.

– I too like to create a new look in my home and often change the placement of my paintings and wall hangings so that I achieve a different perspective.

And of course I couldn’t write a newsletter without talking about ‘decluttering’ somewhere. Why don’t you create some decluttering goals. Decluttering is not the same as spring cleaning, although the latter is certainly something that gives us satisfaction – when it’s done. Decluttering is much more long lasting and improves not only our mood but also our sense of well being and calm.

Grab a pad and pen, sit comfortably with a special coffee or a glass of wine, and write down what areas of your home you would love to transform. You might like to start with just one room: visualise how you would love it to look and make some notes on what you can change. Taking it step by step, then deciding on when you can take some time to make a start on your decluttering project will really make a difference to how you feel about the space.

Think of Spring renewal and have some fun with it. Buy yourself a bunch of daffodils or early cheer and relish the feeling that beautiful warm sunny days are on their way. Just think, if you can plan to do one room bit by bit over two or three weeks, then tackle the next, you can gradually work towards having a beautifully decluttered and organised home by the end of Spring. You’ll then have the glorious Summer days and evenings to play and enjoy.

If it all seems too hard to declutter on your own, why not give me a call. I love working alongside my clients to transform their homes, it’s fun and we can get a lot done in a few hours.

Have a wonderful month filled with joy and blessings.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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