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Something to think about…

As you know from my last newsletter, I am going to be away from 9th June until 3rd July visiting my family in Italy. So rather than a tip this month, I wanted to give you something to think about.

The expression: “If not now, when?” is a great one to move us from a position of procrastination to one of action. What I would love you to reflect on is this:

If you don’t declutter your home now, what will it be like in a year’s time?

Because we will continue to buy and accumulate all manner of things and if nothing leaves the house, then this new stuff will need someplace to go. I may have mentioned in earlier newsletters, I ask myself a couple of questions before I buy anything, especially clothes and shoes: ‘do I actually need this’, and ‘have I got the space to store it’? As for decluttering regularly, it enables us to keep our homes and possessions at a manageable level; and above all to have our living environment be one of pleasure, not stress.

I wish you a wonderful month ahead, and much joy. I look forward to being back in touch in July.

Warmest regards

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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