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September Newsletter – Rid Yourself of Dumping Areas

No matter how tidy and organised we think our home is, the majority of us will have one or two frustrating dumping grounds which we can’t seem to get cleared. I have yet to find a home which doesn’t experience this problem.

Here are a few of the most common ‘dumping areas’ and the type of clutter they attract:

– Hallway table: coats, jackets, mail, briefcase, handbags, keys
– Kitchen bench: mail, opened and unopened bills, papers, newspapers, kids’ school books and bags, toys, vitamins, boxes of tissues
– Coffee tables: remotes, books, magazines & newspapers, glasses
– Bedside tables: books & magazines, glasses, water bottles, tissues

All of these items create a cluttered look to any room. The first step is to clear everything off all furniture surfaces and then decide absolutely what needs to be there, and what doesn’t. For example:

– Kids’ school books, bags and toys go into their bedroom.
– Papers and bills can be contained in a file box which can live in your home office, or a spare room cupboard, as long as it’s visible and easily accessible.
– Mail ideally gets sorted when it’s brought into the home, otherwise use a container or basket to keep mail in until it can be sorted. Dump the junk mail immediately.
– Kitchen benches are working areas so keep these as free as possible.
– Decorative boxes or magazine containers can store books and magazines which can sit alongside a couch or beside the bed.

Once you’ve cleared the areas and created your systems for where everything is now going to live, make sure you show everyone in the family. A good clutter deterrent can be a vase of flowers on a hallway table, or a display of flowers and a bowl of fruit on the kitchen island bench. People will be less inclined to dump things on a surface where you’ve created an attractive display, and they’re not going to risk knocking over a vase of flowers by dumping their stuff on the table or bench.

And finally, do you have a dumping room? Lots of homes have entire rooms which have become major clutter areas. I find these are usually the guest room, garage and/or home office. These areas may need more hands on assistance – which is where I can help you. After all, how frustrating is a room that is unusable because it’s so full of clutter? Each room in our home has a designated function, and once cleared of the clutter a guest room and/or home office are such useful rooms. Even garages can have multiple functions, aside from parking the car.

I can help you declutter any area, including the garage, with my distance decluttering service which will provide you with a step by step work plan for you to follow. I also provide email and/or phone assistance and tips as you go through the process.

Have a wonderful month.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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