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Oct 2010 – Decluttering Newsletter

I hope you are having a wonderful month, and enjoying the sunshine. Someone mentioned to me the other day that it’s just ten weeks until Christmas! Where did 2010 go?? I think our lives have all become so busy that we don’t even think about time passing, children growing up, and of course we’re all getting older… it all just happens around us. So here’s something to think about – is there something you really want to get completed [such as a project, plan or dream] before the end of this year so 2011 starts on a different note, or even a bright new note?

Benefits of Decluttering

Rather than providing a particular decluttering tip this month, I want to give you a few reasons why decluttering is a great thing to do:

  • Free up valuable time
  • Save money
  • Diminish levels of stress and frustration so there’s no more overwhelm
  • A sense of freedom, peace and harmony
  • Satisfaction at being able to find things, immediately
  • Productivity and efficiency increases
  • Even your mind becomes freer and less cluttered
  • Your living and/or working environment becomes a joy

It really does make a huge difference when you declutter your home, or work space. Which of these benefits would inspire you enough to take action?

Special Offer

I’ve just finished getting out my Summer clothes in readiness for those warmer days. As you know, I archive my out-of-season clothes so my wardrobe is never over stuffed with clothes I’m not wearing. However, having said that, when I resurrect a new season’s clothing I make sure I do a cull at the same time – there’s always something that I either no longer love, or that is just not a good fit anymore. So these garments either go in the charity bag, or the throw out bag.

This also seems the perfect time to bring you this special offer, which is valid until 31st October. My “Wardrobe Declutter” service is designed to help you decide what garments you really love in your wardrobe, gets rid of what no longer looks or feels good, and re-organises everything so that you can find exactly what you want in an instant. Wouldn’t you love to have a wardrobe where everything in it makes you feel fabulous!

My fee for this service is $225 plus GST, and for those who decide this is a must before the onset of Summer, and contact me by 31st October, I will be offering a “mix and match” session completely free of charge. One of my clients commented that she felt she almost had a whole new wardrobe because we had created so many different ‘mix and match’ combinations with clothes she already owned. And here’s what another client said: “It has given me a huge sense of relief to have a tidy wardrobe of clothes that I actually use. I have been so much more efficient and free”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this newsletter – I enjoy feedback and if there’s anything here you’d like to discuss please do contact me. And of course, come back to me to book your wardrobe declutter and receive my special offer.

In Joy!


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