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Oct 2009 – Decluttering Newsletter

The year is fast drawing to a close and October is a good month to get organised before the onslaught of Christmas and the New Year holidays.

Tip of the month : Business

If you are only using the bare basics of your software here are some options are guaranteed time savers [and therefore also stress-busters…]

Microsoft Access Database:
It is vital we all have a database and Access comes as part of Microsoft’s Office package, so you don’t have to purchase a separate database package. Access is easy to use, it has all the functions I want in a database, and I like that it also enables you to automatically transfer contacts directly into Microsoft Outlook Contacts and your email address book.

Microsoft Outlook is my favourite email operating system, here’s what I use:

  • Calendar [which I use in conjunction with my hard copy diary]. It is so much quicker to be able to look back, or forward, to scheduled appointments without having to flick through the pages of your diary; and you can also see at a glance what your day/week/month is looking like.
  • Tasks function is a great way of logging in your actions and to do lists. View the To Do Bar alongside your email Inbox to see tasks at a glance.
  • Contacts is my email-based database where I group contacts into categories. This is very useful for marketing and follow-ups, and you can create email distribution lists based on your categories.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel is great for both accounting functions and documents which may include complicated tables. Rather than using a separate accounting package I use Excel for all of my business spreadsheets which includes tracking income and expenditure, and preparation of my GST and tax returns.

Tip of the month : Home (for the book lovers)

I am an avid reader and a good storage system for my many books was essential. I managed to get it down to a small bookcase in my bedroom (for the favourite books I delve into regularly), and two bookshelves in my dining room (which double as my office storage systems behind closed cabinet doors). If you’re wondering if my books are ‘filed’―yes you would be right, though I would prefer the word ‘categorised’. Since it’s a wonderful eclectic collection of books ranging from business, cookbooks, self-development and spiritual, languages, art, health and fitness, and a few favourite novels I can’t give up, it’s a real pleasure to be able to go to my library and go straight to the appropriate section to find the book I want.

Special Offer

GioiaIf you have looked at my website in the last few months you will notice in the NEWS section that I offer a host of Decluttering Tips. You’ll find 25 suggestions on how to organise your filing systems, various parts of the home, keep track of your important papers, and favourite Websites and Passwords, plus a selection of ideas on how to sort your wardrobe [shoes, jewellery etc].

Where I have been

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