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Nov 2010 – Decluttering Newsletter

Phew, it’s only just over five weeks ‘til Christmas! I actually love Christmas and especially watching the children in my family and their excitement on Christmas day. Children absolutely live in the moment, and get unadulterated joy out of the simplest activities – my great nephews love to play soccer on their Nanna and Poppa’s back lawn. They’ve decided they want to be ‘All Whites’ when they grow up – they’re only 7 and 8 years old so they have a way to go yet, but the great thing is they have no inhibitions around dreaming big.

Have you started thinking about what you’d like to get completed before the end of this year, in readiness for 2011? I love the feeling of going into a New Year knowing I have put to bed tasks and projects I had promised myself I’d get done before the end of the year. It’s like once those things are done and dusted, I can start dreaming and planning for the New Year with a clear mind.

Organised Christmas Shopping!

Christmas shopping can be easy, or it can be a nightmare! Here’s what I do, and I get all my shopping done in one go:

  • Find a quiet moment to sit down with pad and pen
  • Write down everyone you are going to buy presents for
  • Take a moment to think about each person and what you’d like to buy for them
  • Beside each name write down your gift idea – whether it be an actual gift or maybe a gift voucher
  • Highlight where you have similar types of presents that you can get from the same location/mall and at the same shop
  • Print the attached Xmas Gift List form and write out your list sorting by location [hugely time saving rather than doing your shopping piecemeal and returning to the same shop several times]
  • Once your list is completed you’re ready to get started – take the list with you so you’re focused and can tick off items as you buy them – and above all enjoy the experience.

And did you know…

I was editing a client’s book last week, and it occurred to me that you may not realise I provide this type of service. Having a love of language and words, I really enjoy editing and this has included books, websites, company proposals and marketing information. I can usually promise a 24 hour turnaround of practically any document so if you have an important paper, proposal, or e-book that you want polished up, or an edit of your website, remember I can help.

I hope my Christmas shopping tips prove to be useful. We’re almost upon the Christmas parties season so have fun.

In Joy!


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