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Nov 2009 – Decluttering Newsletter

Nearly there… Christmas and 2010 are just around the corner. I’m in the process of totally updating my website so my next email, which will hopefully be in the next week or so, will include the link to my new site. Meanwhile, this month’s tips are about creating a feeling of control in our business, and at home, by organising the paper!

Tip of the month : Business

Organising your in-tray once and for all! This can become our worst nightmare as papers are dumped into our in-tray on a regular basis, until it reaches overflowing point. Try searching for something in amongst all that paper… It can be daunting to say the least.

I recommend the simplest way to organise the paper is using coloured plastic files called ‘L-shaped Pockets’ [you can get them from Warehouse Stationery]. These A4 files open at the top and right side-edge for easy access, and being transparent you can immediately see the contents. Create a category for each different coloured file and label each file [a sticky label in the corner or even a post-it note inside the front of the file will suffice]. Then take everything out of the in-tray and sort it into the plastic files. The paper instantly becomes contained and therefore more manageable.

Tip of the month : Home

These will be many and varied, ranging from your house records (title and mortgage papers etc) to bank documents, vehicle records, birth certificates, medical records and insurance papers. It makes life so much easier when these are kept in an easily retrievable filing system where you can immediately put your hand to what you need.

If you don’t have a filing cabinet, these papers can be collated quite easily into a concertina file―you can buy the hard covered version with a handle, which is durable and less likely to fall apart, from Warehouse Stationery. It’s then just a matter of itemising each of the categories such as: Bank; Automobile; Medical; Insurance; Legal Records (birth certificates, marriage license etc); Property; etc … then label each of the pockets relevant to the contents.

Special Offer

Would you like to end the year on a high note, feeling organised, enthusiastic and looking forward to a brand new year? I am going to be taking my vacation during the year in 2010 so will be available through December and January to any of you who would like to dedicate some time to decluttering and organising your homes, or offices.

I’m offering you a 20% discount for any of my services during December and January – contact me soon if you’d like to take advantage of this offer.

Trust me, this would make a difference to how you start 2010.

And what about Christmas… and the presents waiting to be bought

If you’d like to give your loved ones, friends or colleagues something different, why not a Voucher for any of Gioia’s services. Because my services are varied, and not all about decluttering, they may decide that it’s their wardrobe they’d like organised, or they might love a mentoring session to set them on the path towards that fabulous goal. Contact me if you think you might like this idea.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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