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My Decluttering Book – a special offer

I’m very excited to be able to tell you about my latest venture – I have co-written a book on Decluttering packed with hundreds of ideas and practical solutions to declutter your home, and stay uncluttered. After almost eight years as a professional declutterer/organiser working in my clients’ homes, offices and businesses, I decided to write this book which is effectively a do-it-yourself easy to follow plan on how to declutter and organise any room in your house, including your garage and/or garden shed.

My friend Peter was my co-author and his delightful humour is sprinkled throughout the book making it an enjoyable read, as well as being a very practical workbook. I actually worked with Peter a while back; at the time he was living in a large house in St Heliers and I was asked to help sort out his cluttered kitchen. I then returned to help him sort out his garage and home office. Peter is a journalist and author and someone who has always taken an interest in how people earn their living. He not only became interested in my business but also the actual business of decluttering and where I’d picked up these skills. At some stage he suggested that we ought to write a book together as he felt the sort of service I provide for individual clients could be shared with a wider audience. I thought it an interesting idea but I had never written a book before and there were more pressing matters on my mind at that time so the suggestion was left in the air.

But we stayed in touch and I helped him when he downsized and moved to smaller accommodation. The book idea came up again and this time we decided to go ahead. Initially we agreed to write a few sample chapters and send it to publishers with an overview. But we had so much fun that we kept going and in no time the book was written. We came up with a plan and divvied out various chapters, he taking the lead on chapters on big picture stuff like the apparent benefits of living in messy surroundings [Peter had some fun with this chapter] while I wrote the first draft on a chapter on decluttering and getting the most out of your kitchen. In the end we wrote eleven chapters, apart from a playful introductory one on the comforts and curses of clutter and another on the myths and realities around decluttering and why would we want to declutter. In the book we go through a room at a time concentrating in turn on kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and utility rooms, garages and sheds and a few other places, as well as a chapter on downsizing to somewhere smaller. We’ve included hints and techniques to help you get more out of your home: ways of creating more space, smart ways of displaying collections, organising drawers and much, much more. And we’ve also thrown in a number of check lists, questionnaires and worksheets to help you assess what you like and dislike about your present living arrangements, plus suggestions for the sort of problems I often encounter like how do you keep a house decluttered when you live with a partner or children who undermine everything you try to do. The book concludes with a piece on life after clutter and how we can sustain an uncluttered home.

Peter and I certainly enjoyed writing Make Space for Life: Hundreds of Ideas and Practical Solutions to Declutter Your Home, and Stay Uncluttered, and as an introductory offer we are offering a PDF version of this book to readers of this newsletter for the modest sum of $15 (reduced from $19:90 for everyone else). All you need to do is email me at: and I will provide you with my bank account details to direct credit the $15, after which I’ll immediately email you the book.

So what is the benefit in buying this book on decluttering when you may already have a book or two of this type on your bookshelves? Well, you get me as a resource. If you get stuck, have questions on anything in the book, or just need encouragement to keep going with your plan, I am accessible by phone or email and would be delighted to provide you with answers, tips, and of course lots of encouragement. This may be one of the best things you do for yourself, and I believe you’ll find our step-by-step plans in the book simple to follow. You’ll see and enjoy the benefits quickly, and it’s painless!

Helping my clients to declutter and get real pleasure from a wonderfully organised home, wardrobe, or even their garage, is something I love doing – it gives me joy. So I hope you’ll take us up on this special offer, buy our book, and try it out for yourself.

I wish you a month of joy and many blessings.

Angella Gilbert

P: 09 410 4166
M: 027 224 8937

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