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Decluttering Newsletter – Feng Shui Challenge

Winter is definitely upon us and it’s time to light the fire and enjoy what the season offers. Have you packed away your summer clothes, shoes and sports gear? Clearing space for the new season is also a good time to decide on any items that you may be tired of and ready to give away.

Speaking of giving away I read an inspiring email from Marci Shimoff [an American coach] yesterday on just this subject. Here’s what Marci wrote: “This is a feng shui ritual that consists of giving away or throwing away 27 items a day for 9 days in a row – that’s 243 things! Everything we own carries an energy with it; as we let go of old energies, it clears the space for us to open to greater new energy. It’s a ritual which will have you feel lighter, clearer, and more excited about what you want to create next in life. So here’s what you do:

  1. Each day for 9 days in a row give away or throw away 27 items. Notice what you’re hanging onto, not because you love it but because you’re afraid to let go.
  2. Stand in your closet and touch or try on every piece of clothing. Ask yourself whether you want to carry that into your life ahead. If not give it away or throw it away.
  3. Clear out old books, vitamins or medicines you no longer need, kitchen items that are worn out.
  4. Fix items that are broken or get rid of them. Put your loving attention on everything in your environment to see whether it represents who you are now.

Then notice what happens in your life and watch for miracles. As you let go of things that carry old energy, you also strengthen your ability to let go of old feelings that no longer serve you.”

So here’s a challenge for you – why not join me in taking on this ritual for 9 days. I have already started and yesterday donated 27 items of clothing and earrings I no longer wear to Hospice. You can make a list of areas in your home, or office, where you know you can clear out items. My list includes the pantry and kitchen cupboards, magazines & books, old makeup and the vanity unit in my bathroom, office paper & clutter, CDs and tapes I no longer listen to, and I’m going to clear out files in my computer too. I’ll let you all know next month how I get on with the challenge, and I’d love to hear from those of you who decide to take it on with me. As you can imagine, I keep my home and office fairly clutter free however when I started making a list of areas where I could declutter even more, I realised that I’ve still got stuff I have held onto which I’m going to enjoy giving or throwing away.


How do you get the family to participate in your decluttering efforts? Here’s what I suggest:

  • Have a family meeting and tell them what you’d like to accomplish by decluttering; tell them why and what the advantages will be for them.
  • Get their suggestions, this is a good way to get them thinking about it and shows you value their input.
  • If you’re going to declutter/organise kids’ rooms see if they want to help, and make it a fun and lighthearted experience.
  • If you do the room/s on your own, walk the family through afterwards; show them how the new storage systems work and explain how much easier it will be to find things.
  • You may also like to implement a chores schedule [I’ve attached a template example]; it’s a good way to encourage participation.

Best wishes and have a fabulous month.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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