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May 2010 – Decluttering Newsletter

What a month of May I had – it included travel, inspirational learning, and soul food friendships! My trip to the States was fabulous. The workshop in Dallas was on the teachings of Abraham [which I quoted in last month’s newsletter] and was amazing. The three day conference in San Diego was hosted by Hay House so for those of you who know such wonderful authors as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, and many others, I can only say it was wonderfully worth the distance traveled to hear them all in person. And to complete this joyous month – last weekend I travelled to my friend’s lovely wedding in Queenstown.

Inspiration comes from so many different avenues

    It’s always inspiring, and so satisfying, for me when I receive feedback from my clients around the work we’ve done together. I have had several opportunities to work with a particular client:
    – First in her lovely home where we decluttered and organised various rooms so that they would work more harmoniously.
    – Our next session a year later was to continue this work by decluttering and organising the garage and creating a beautiful ‘hobby room’ for her where she could enjoy the space and lovely energy of a room dedicated to her artistic passions.
    – We then began work in her business environment and organised and set up systems that would simplify processes for her and her staff.
    – And more recently as she has moved house, we completed the organising and placement of her possessions into her new home.

    Needless to say, we have had some wonderful working sessions together and I have seen her through various exciting transitions. Here are some of her generously emailed comments:

    * On receipt of my last newsletter: “I loved this newsletter, your words are so true. Good things seem to be coming into the business, and I am sure it is related to the decluttering and systems you have set up.”
    * On moving house: “We have both commented that having you organise us earlier this year made separating our belongings, packing and moving easier.”
    * And just lately following our most recent organisation in her new home, and upon unexpectedly meeting someone new in her life: “I am sure decluttering home and work is relevant to this timing. Hard to explain but you will understand.”

    Something to think about

    This client, who I feel privileged to call a friend, has demonstrated her commitment to action in so many instances. That action began with the decision to make changes, which resulted in the clearing that subliminally happens [I believe] when the decluttering process takes place. Her business, her personal life, and her living and working environments have all been impacted as she has continued to take action. So I can very honestly say that this woman inspires me!

    What or who inspires you? What is it about them that inspires you? Look at where you inspire others… oftentimes we don’t acknowledge ourselves, or sometimes even realise that we are a source of inspiration to those around us.

    And think about where you may be experiencing ‘clutter’ in your life, whether in your physical environment, wardrobe, or even in your busy mind. The feeling of release [and relief] when we declutter is so worth it.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s newsletter. Thank you to those of you who give me such wonderful feedback.

    In Joy!

    Angella Gilbert

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