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Decluttering newsletter – What are you holding onto?

I’m often asked how and why I became a declutterer. Basically I began by helping friends organise their home offices, which led to my decision to make something I’m naturally good at into a business. And with the help of fabulous referrals the rest is history. The “why” is simple – I do it because I love it, and it’s hugely satisfying to help people feel so much better when they’re not overcome by clutter; that they can have a clutter-free and lovely environment to live and work in, and save time and money. My website contains a number of articles on the benefits of decluttering: and I am always happy to talk to you and answer any questions around clearing the clutter and setting up easy systems in your home and/or business.

What are you holding onto, and why?

Here’s a useful exercise that I’d like to propose.

With pad and pen, walk around your house and write down any items that you know are not being used, and probably haven’t been for a long time. Don’t forget to open cupboards, drawers and wardrobes. Once you have made your list, sit down and think about each item. Ask yourself:

– Am I holding onto this item unnecessarily? Do I really need this anymore?

– And if so, why don’t I give it away/pass it on?

We often get stopped if an article [whether furniture or clothing] was expensive. In that case you might want to put it on Trade Me. The important thing to remember is that when we’re surrounded by clutter, we are more likely to experience stress, frustration and overwhelm.

Decluttering is incredibly freeing!

Believe me, we all hold onto things much longer than necessary, me included! There’s a small piece of ‘gym equipment’ I bought years ago from an Infomercial and I don’t use it, but there’s that little voice inside me that says “but I might decide to one day…” And then there’s the magazines – I can’t throw away lovely glossy magazines, but I will happily give them away to a friend so she can enjoy them, and then pass them on.

My friend Peter, the writer, gave away all his packing boxes which he’d bought when he recently moved home. He gave them to another friend of mine who was also in the process of moving house, and responded to her question “how much would you like for the boxes” saying she should just “pay them forward”. I love giving things away – I get to keep my clutter at bay, and at the same time give pleasure to someone else.

Once you experience the delight of an uncluttered room/home/office, you’ll begin to enjoy letting go of what is no longer wanted or needed.

Call me if you would like to discuss a complimentary assessment of your home, office or business. I’ve not met anyone I haven’t been able to help.

In Joy!


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