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Jun 2010 – Decluttering Newsletter

As we move into the thick of Winter I think of those things I enjoy most about the season: crisp sunny days when I can rug up in a lovely warm winter coat; sitting in front of a roaring fire with good friends or a good book; listening to rain on the roof as I lie cosy and warm in bed; and there is of course the fun of Winter sports. I know people who hate Winter and yearn for Summer. How much better it is to get joy out of every day, regardless of the weather.

How to get on top of all those minor and major frustrations

Now that may sound like a tall order, however here is an exercise that I use myself, and suggest to my clients, that really makes a difference. I’m talking about the things that need fixing around the house or office, paintings that need hanging, the door that sticks etc etc. How many times do we say “I must fix that one day”; “I’ll do that as soon as I have some spare time”; or “I wish I could …” You know what I mean. And while often these seem like small annoyances, they can quickly change the flow and energy of our day.

So here is what I suggest:

  • Take a clipboard and paper and head up the page “Frustrations to get handled”
  • Now walk around the house [or your office] room by room and write down everything that needs fixing, replacing, or where you need to buy something for a specific purpose
  • Once your list is complete, put an asterisk beside the things that perhaps you could get a handyman to fix for you [if you can’t do it yourself]
  • You can use different coloured marker pens to put items into categories i.e. everything that can be fixed with simple tools; anything that needs to be hung; creaky doors that can be oiled
  • Then decide when you’re going to handle each specific category and put it in your diary, or decide who is going to tackle what – you may want to delegate some tasks.

As you move through and tick off the items on your list you’ll begin to get a sense of how tackling these things, instead of putting them off, can actually save you time and frustration. And you get a great sense of achievement as things get done.

Something to think about

Where else in your life can you smooth out those frustrations? Do you have good day to day structures in your life that balance work with family, friends, an active social life and relaxation time? Are there areas of your business that you feel could be better organised? Remember ‘organisation = saving money and time’. Above all, are you feeling the Joy? I love this definition of Joy [on my website] from The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary: Joy – pleasurable emotion due to wellbeing or satisfaction; the feeling or state of being highly pleased; exultation of spirit; gladness; delight; a state of felicity; the place of bliss, paradise.I also fell in love with this statue on San Diego harbour – now that’s joy!

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s newsletter and that you have a wonderful month.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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