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How do you store your memorabilia?

Christmas can be such a magical time of year, and for me it’s also a time when I more keenly miss those loved ones who are not with me, my parents who have passed away, and members of my family who live overseas. I don’t have a lot of memorabilia, but there are some special items I treasure, and at Christmas my Mum’s Santa comes out to sit pride of place on my dining table. Whenever I look at him I remember Mum’s childlike joy at Christmas – she loved it and shared that joy with everyone around her.

Memorabilia can probably fit neatly into two categories: items which we want to keep but don’t need to see every day, and beautiful or interesting things which we could put on display, if we could figure out where.

I often suggest the use of beautiful boxes to store special items away, and if you have a problem with storage space these can create an attractive display in the corner of a room. Larger items could be tucked away at the top of a spare room wardrobe. The main thing here is to pare items down to just those you really want to keep.

If you have inherited a ‘collection’ which may have been handed down through the family you could create a fabulous display of these items and obviously this would depend on the type of collection. However, if they are small or medium size items you could have them featured on stand alone shelves, or in cubes which affix to the wall. There are so many different types of shelves you can choose from and a bare wall could be beautifully enhanced with a collection of like-minded objects.

Whether you decide to declutter or not over the holidays, I hope you have a lovely relaxing break, and enjoy the brand new year that’s just around the corner. I am taking a break and holidaying with family over Christmas in Australia. I’ll only be away from 18th to 26th December, so if you want to contact me I’ll get back to you on my return.

My warmest best wishes that you and your loved ones have a wonderful and joyful Christmas.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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