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Finding Balance in Life

I often talk to my clients about the need for balance in life. Collins Thesaurus provides some lovely synonyms for the word ‘balance’, such as stability, composure, steadiness, and equanimity. I gained a more in depth understanding of ‘equanimity’ over a decade ago when I did my first 10 day silent meditation retreat – equanimity means calmness of mind. This concept takes on a whole new meaning when one is sitting in meditation for most of the day, in utter silence. There may be bliss in the silence, however the body complains bitterly when forced to remain in a still seated position for hours at a time. This is where one learns equanimity at a deep level.

So what does this have to do with balance? Well, I think it is important that we take time out in our busy day to take a breath, be at peace and find that calmness of mind.

Balance encompasses all areas of our lives, from business to family, friends, exercise, learning and education, and of course hobbies and fun. It’s vital that we allow time in our busy schedule to kick back and relax, whether it be taking a walk and enjoying nature, having a latte with a friend, or reading a good book. Our relationships benefit when we’re able to spend time with our loved ones; socialising with friends allows us to participate in their lives in a meaningful way; and taking time to go to a child’s soccer game can be a delight. Each one of these components adds another dimension to our lives and makes us happier human beings. When we take time out to socialise and enjoy family and friends, delve into a hobby or exercise, our lives are rejuvenated and refreshed.

It comes down to creating simple ways of getting everything done, with the minimum of fuss. Once processes have been established everything becomes easier and less stressful. When our environment is cluttered, our mind also becomes cluttered. As we clear and declutter the areas we live and work in, the tension starts to melt away. As order and systems are established you are more able to focus on what needs to be done.

Here are a few of my tips on finding balance

1. Plan family and friends time in your diary along with your work activities – become more focused on finding time to spend with people who are important to you, or just to have some alone time with yourself.

2. When you live and work in a clutter free environment you’ll feel more relaxed and able to think clearly.

3. Create easy workable systems and processes in your home and workplace, this will definitely reduce stress.

4. Be spontaneous – put something off until tomorrow and ring a friend to go and see a movie, or get a babysitter and take your partner out to dinner.

5. Take up a sport or hobby and schedule this as a regular activity in your diary.

The ethos of my business is to help clients find joy through harmony, balance and flow in their home and in their life. If you’re struggling to find balance in your everyday life, and it remains elusive, why don’t you give me a call. Here’s what one of my clients recently wrote in an email to her sister:

“Angella has helped me declutter and de-stress so much. Everything just gets on top of me being so busy but once Angella has come in and sorted and organised you have no idea of the relief/happiness. Literally can last days. The BIGGEST THING I REALISED was how calm and peaceful a decluttered life is.”

I send you blessings and joy and hope you have a wonderful month.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

P: 09 410 4166
M: 027 224 8937

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