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End of Year Declutter

I love to declutter before the end of each year so that I can start the new year feeling fresh, rejuvenated and in balance. That describes my goal for me, my home, and my business.

So what does that “declutter” look like? Well, as you can imagine, I’m not grossly cluttered, however that doesn’t mean I don’t have ‘stuff’ that I no longer want or need. It’s actually something I really enjoy doing at the end of a year – going through my cupboards, wardrobe, and work papers and doing a cull. I give as much as I can to charities and take delight in the expanded spaces I create.

Here are some of the items on my list to do over the holidays:

– Declutter areas such as my office cupboards, archive papers and files I don’t need to refer to anymore [but need to keep], and update my database.

– Get the little fix-it jobs done in my home, and beautify my patio and gardens.

– Plan my projects for the new year, both in my business and personally.

– And enjoy leisurely catch ups with good friends, lots of fun gym classes, and time out with a few great books.

Without a doubt I’ll think of many more items to add to my list in the same notebook I use for this purpose each year, but this is a good start. And by keeping everything in the same notebook, I can look back on last year and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing what I did tick off, and refresh this year’s list with those items I had shelved for another time.

My list may give you some ideas. If you do decide to get some of your decluttering out of the way, please remember that the most important thing is to pace yourself. Enjoy the process, have fun in between and gorgeous relax time with friends and family, and some time to yourself if possible.

I am not going away over the holiday period – I had my lovely 3 week holiday in Italy earlier this year – so if you would like to get stuck into your decluttering but feel it’s all a bit daunting, I am available and would love to help. Doing it together is not only quicker, it’s much more fun. You may be surprised at how much we can accomplish in even a couple of hours, and I promise you will love the feeling of being more organised and in control.

I wish you so much love and joy over the Christmas and New Year period. Be kind to yourself, and others, relish the time off and have a magical month.

Love and blessings

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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