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Decluttering Tips & Tricks – The Garage

I’ve had great feedback from my newly formatted newsletter which I sent out to you last week. I actually didn’t mean to send my June newsletter out again, I just wanted to put it on my blog. You can put it down to my enthusiasm at being able to now manage the content of my website myself. Speaking of which, I’d love you to take a look at my completely new look website and let me know what you think. I think my fabulous website designer/SEO Expert, Karin Reid of Net Quest, has done a wonderful job on it.

Sorting the Garage

Is your garage beautifully organised with plenty of room for parking and storage? Or does your car sit outside, a victim to the elements, because the garage is packed with clutter and stuff? Believe it or not I love doing garages – it’s so satisfying when the job’s done and the garage is finally functioning well. Here are a couple of ideas to get started:

  • Use the walls: stack storage containers up the walls as much as possible so you’re not losing valuable floor space.
  • Invest in some heavy duty hooks and hanging systems so you can hang bikes, wet suits, brooms etc.
  • If your workshop is in the garage have your bench clear and hang your tools on a board.

Garages can become a great storage area if they are well organised. If you’re not sure where to start contact me.

Did you know…

That only 4% of New Zealanders donate blood. And transfusions number around 42,000 each year. I have been donating for over three years and find it immensely satisfying to know that by donating just four times each year I can benefit as many as 12 Kiwis. Our blood really is ‘worth bottling’. If you think you might be interested you can find all the information on NZ Blood’s website: .

As always I hope you enjoyed this newsletter. Have a wonderful month. These glorious days remind me that Spring is just around the corner.

In Joy!

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