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Dec 2010 – Decluttering Newsletter

I hope your month hasn’t been too hectic so far, and that you’re looking forward to a good Kiwi wind down. I relish the time off for lovely family and friend catch ups; and I also enjoy the opportunity to do things around the house, declutter any areas that have slipped, and prepare my list of projects for the New Year. I don’t do a New Year’s Resolution list as such, but I do make a list of what I want to accomplish ‘during the year’. I will also be doing my list of 50 Tolerations [see my friend Sally’s Top 10 Tips which I’ve copied below] – this is a fabulous exercise and worth spending time on, both writing the list and then taking action.

Decluttering over the holiday break

Our Christmas and New Year holidays provide such a lovely long break. This is the time to kick back with a refreshing G&T and dream, plan the new year, and even think about decluttering.

I’ve recently created some useful decluttering templates which are available on my website/blog. You received last month my Christmas Shopping list template, and I’ve attached here my Daily To Do list. Here is a sample of what else you can download:

  • Master Gift List
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Weekly Meal Planning Template
  • Recipe Index
  • Website logon / password List
  • Kids Chores List
  • Define your clutter frustrations – Questionnaire

You might find the Questionnaire useful if you do decide to do your list of Tolerations. It will highlight for you areas that you could work on, or put them on your list to tackle during the year.

New Years Resolutions – to do or not…

I’ve just read the best article on New Year Resolutions written by my good friend, Sally Anderson. I subscribe to Sally’s blogs because she is the best coach I’ve ever met and her blogs are gems! Here’s the link to her Blog – scroll down to the article entitled: “Psychology of New Year Resolutions” . You might like to check out her website for the dates of her Seminars: the next one in 2011 will be 25, 26 and 27 February. This training is spectacular – I’ve done the course and have had huge benefits from Sally’s coaching.

Warmest best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, an exciting New Year, and a lovely relaxing holiday.

In Joy!


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