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Creating a work plan to declutter and organise your bedroom

Before I begin any decluttering project, whether it be a home office, kitchen or bedroom, I first stand back and assess the room. Let’s say you want to start with your bedroom, here are my suggestions on how to put together your plan to achieve your vision of how you want the room to look and function.

Stand back in the doorway of the room and get a good overall picture of it. Notice if there is clutter over every surface and the floor, or do you just have a few little problem areas. Here’s what to make a note of:

▪ In an ideal world how would you love your room to look?

▪ Is your furniture in the best position? Is one side of the bed up against a wall so one of you has to climb over the other to get in or out of bed?

▪ Do you have enough drawer space for both of you? Do you each have a chest of drawers or are you struggling to share a single set?

▪ Is your wardrobe so full of his and her clothes that it takes you 20 minutes each morning to figure out what you can wear to work?

▪ Are your bedside tables so completely covered with miscellaneous objects you barely have space for your current book or reading glasses?

▪ Do you have good lighting and preferably lamps on each side of the bed?

▪ And hopefully you haven’t got your computer in your bedroom; this is a divine space to relax and sleep peacefully, not think about work or your next internet search.

Once you’ve made a note of what isn’t working for you, you’re able to formulate a plan on how to correct it. Your plan will address these points and from there you’ll be able to work out whether you need to shift furniture, buy another set of drawers or maybe cull some of your wardrobe. Create your vision for the room and keep this front of mind as you work through your plan – it will keep you inspired and you’ll be delighted as the room aligns with your vision.

I hope you find these ideas useful. If you are struggling with any area of your home and you’d like some expert help, do contact me. Working together will not only be an enjoyable experience, we’ll also create a great outcome.

My very best wishes to you for a wonderful month.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

P: 09 410 4166
M: 027 224 8937

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