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Decluttering Newsletter – Where is Clutter Impacting Your Life?

I hope you had a wonderful Easter break, with time for fun and relaxation. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that I had made a ‘to do’ list to be accomplished over the 4 days. Working around my home, and the garden, is always an enjoyable exercise and so nice to know that when the job’s been done you can reward yourself with a social catch up or a quiet respite with a great book.

Here’s a question to ask yourself – “Where is the clutter and disorganisation impacting your life?”

Here’s what one of my clients found:

“From disorganised chaos and a very tired mind to logical order and easy time management. Life is just easier and more relaxing during and after a fun, learning and useful “Gioia” experience with Angella!”

Dianne Cooke
Puriri Park Retirement Village

Imagine if you could experience a difference in your life with something as simple as the decluttering and organising expertise which I offer. Contact me – I can help you make that difference.

Sorting your computer files in “My Documents”

This may sound basic but I’ve been working with enough clients and their computers to know that many of us don’t take the time to sort the documents we’ve created, and filed, on our computers. If you’ve wasted valuable time searching for a particular document on your computer you’ll know the frustration I’m talking about.

It’s very simple to set up Folders in the My Documents area of your computer, and is the same principle you would use in creating a manual filing system. Ideally you will have your main Folders set up which will then contain sub-folders. Here’s how to set up a new Folder:

  • Click into the My Documents menu
  • Right click in the white area of this menu to display the drop down menu
  • Click on “New” and then across to “New Folder”
  • The New Folder will be displayed under My Documents and will be highlighted to enable you to name the Folder
  • To create a sub-folder within that Folder, click on the Folder you’ve just created and in the blank white area go through the same process as above

Here are a few examples of Folders you may like to create:

  1. Your business folders [you can create a main Folder for your business then create sub-folders for all the different areas of your business]
  2. Financial / Tax files
  3. Personal
  4. Travel

The main thing is to create Folders [or categories] for all of your documents so that you have a logical filing system which you can readily access in seconds.

A transformational seminar

Visit Sally Anderson’s website for information on her next transformation weekend course. I’ve done Sally’s training, the results are spectacular, and I totally recommend it. If you think you might be interested you’re welcome to call me to talk it over.

In Joy!

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