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Your Fix-It List & Repurposing

This month I want to talk about the day to day little frustrations that we experience in our home, or workplace. I mean those areas where something needs to be fixed, or sorted, or thrown out because we actually know that it can’t be fixed but we haven’t got around to doing anything about it.

Here’s how some of those frustrations may look:

– Doors that stick so we have to slam them to close or pull hard to get them to open: I find a light spray on the hinges with a lubricant such as CRC works like magic.

– The same may apply to drawers in the kitchen or bedrooms, where they stick and are awkward to open and close: you simply rub candle wax along the edges of the drawer.

– Pictures often get propped behind a door or against the wall because we haven’t got around to buying the picture hooks and hanging them.

– Maybe there’s a clock on the wall that no longer works and maybe all it needs is a new battery.

– Appliances, printer, photocopier, machines: if they can’t be fixed I suggest you take them to the scrap metal dealer, and replace them with something that actually works without driving you crazy, especially if you’re in a hurry and a machine doesn’t function properly.

– Replace light bulbs where they no longer work, seems like it should be obvious but sometimes we just haven’t got around to buying the right bulb to fit the light.

– A touch up of paint is needed where something has scraped along a wall; I’ve walked around my home with a tiny pot of paint and touched up all of those areas where needed.

– Clothes that need mending get shoved to the back of the wardrobe because you don’t get around to it, or they may be items that you need to take to the clothing repair shop; likewise shoes that need re-heeling. Pop the clothes or shoes in your car and drop them off next time you pass the repair shop, having them visible in the car will help you to remember.

– And last but certainly not least in what could become a long list, if you have any cracked or chipped glasses or china I really do suggest you throw them away. Germs can accumulate in cracks and chips and it’s not worth getting a nasty infection.

I’m sure you will by now have a few areas in mind that could do with some attention. Here’s what I suggest [and this is also what I do]:

– Grab a clipboard and a large piece of paper and literally walk around the house and note down everything that needs fixing.

– Once you’ve got your list, using different coloured highlighters put the items into categories i.e. what are the areas that need a paint touch up, where do you have to use a bit of CRC on doors or windows, and where are picture hooks, hammer and nails, or a glue stick needed. Putting them into categories means you can attack one group at a time.

– Then all you have to do is make your plan as to when you’re going to tackle each category. They are often tiny jobs that take minutes and can result in such satisfaction.

These may be small frustrations, and we’re used to them, but they can sometimes impact on our humour so it’s worth tackling all of these little areas.

I also love re-purposing items, which I think is a great idea, and we don’t always need to throw something away just because it no longer works properly. I know I’m a declutterer, however I also like the idea of recycling items and enjoying them in a new form. There are so many clever ways you can repurpose items in your home, and rather than going into detail here, you might like to do what I did and Google “repurposing ideas”. I was fascinated with the ideas that come up on how to repurpose everything from your garden implements, to your old 1970’s suitcase.

I hope you try out this ‘fix it plan’. I usually do this over the Christmas/New Year holidays and it always feels so good to get things fixed, or repurposed, or to replace them with something new that works.

Joy and blessings from me to you for a wonderful month ahead.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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