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Where is your Home Office set up?

One of the most common problem areas my clients struggle with is how to set up a work space within the home when they don’t have a spare room which can double as a home office. They are often forced to set up their computer on the dining room table, kitchen bench, living area, and even in the bedroom. This is all very well, and can work if you are disciplined enough to put everything away when you’ve finished your ‘work session’, so the area or room can be restored to its original purpose. Unfortunately the papers, files and bits and pieces that need to be actioned often stay there. You’re not only then left with a clutter area, which doesn’t go away, but you are also diminishing your living space whether it’s the dining room table or kitchen bench. And when your papers are left lying around and not tucked away, you don’t get to forget about them and really relax.

I’m not saying not to use the available bench or table space to work on your laptop, what I am suggesting is that you ‘hide’ everything away when you’ve finished. Here are a couple of suggestions which my clients have found work well:

– Buy a storage unit, something with drawers or a cupboard, where you can store everything away so it’s out of sight. [I don’t advocate using shelves because they’re open and will end up looking cluttered]. If you’re putting the unit in your living area I suggest you buy a nice one that will fit in with your existing furniture so it doesn’t look out of place. I love Freedom Furniture for its range of storage units which are nice looking enough to fit beautifully into a corner of your living or lounge room. The Warehouse also has a good selection of drawer units which are economical and can fit in equally well.

– The alternative to this idea would be a couple of good size storage boxes which you can pack everything away into and pop onto a shelf or on the floor of a wardrobe, linen cupboard or perhaps even on a laundry shelf.

When it comes to sorting your files and paper, you’ll find lots of suggestions in my October and November newsletters, here are the links:



These simple suggestions do work, and if you take this on and get your home working area sorted you’ll find life becomes much easier, I promise.

If you get stuck, please feel free to email or call me, I’m happy to answer any questions and provide encouragement if you’ve come to a standstill.

As always, I wish you a wonderful month ahead, with joy and blessings.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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