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Wardrobe Mayhem!

I have worked with many clients over the last 10 years who have called me in to help with their overflowing wardrobe. In most cases the clothes have been restricted to the wardrobe, or maybe a couple of wardrobes in the home, so the space we’ve worked on has been confined to the actual wardrobe area.

However, there have also been those clients whose wardrobe has become totally out of control and the entire bedroom has become inundated with huge stacks of clothes on every surface, and that includes the floor. These clients are not necessarily hoarders; rather they have become overwhelmed with the amount of clothes they have which no longer fit in the drawers or wardrobe, so they end up dumping them onto the bed, on top of drawers and cupboards, and into corners.

So I’m addressing those clients as well as those of us who have cluttered wardrobe areas which become challenging when we’re searching for just the right thing to wear for that special occasion, or even trying to find something to wear to work.

I don’t usually include do’s and don’ts in this newsletter, so on this occasion I want you to indulge me as I think it’s important and really want to get my point across.

Please don’t:

– Allow your clothes to encroach on the rest of the bedroom space so that all you see when you enter the bedroom is mounds of (unfolded) clothes. This is overwhelming.

– Keep several sizes in your wardrobe, in case you are finally able to lose weight and get into those ‘thin’ clothes, or in fear that you might put it on again so you’d better keep your ‘fat’ clothes. This is demoralising and you don’t deserve to do this to yourself.

– Throw your clothes in the bottom of the wardrobe, or on the shelf, with no order to them. Apart from being a problem when you’re looking for a particular item, your clothes need to be looked after so they are a pleasure to wear, and will last longer if folded or hung up.

– Keep your children’s clothes after they’ve grown out of them, unless you know you are going to pass them on to another child.

And now, here are my tips for handling that wardrobe mayhem. It may feel like Winter is never going to end, however it will and a lovely new season is just around the corner. That means lighter clothes and sandals.

– If last season’s clothes are squished into your one wardrobe, with sandals fighting for space with boots and closed in shoes, here’s what you can do: archive them! Pack everything that you’re not going to wear in the summer months away in a plastic container which may slide under the bed, or be stored away possibly in a spare room or even in the garage. This makes a huge difference to the space you will have in your wardrobe.

– Now before you put those Winter clothes and boots away, have a culling session; really ask yourself if you will wear those worn down shoes or boots, or pilled sweaters next year, did you wear all of those items you’re about to archive or are there things that you know you’ll never wear. I haven’t got my summer clothes and sandals out yet, but I’ve already started throwing away things I know I don’t even want to look at next year.

– Organise your wardrobe hanging space so everything is easy to get to, and visible. Hang your clothes in categories i.e. suits, jackets, pants, shirts and blouses, dresses. This makes finding what you want to wear so much easier.

– As you’re getting your summer clothes out and arranging them in your wardrobe space, this is an opportunity to again think about what you want to wear this season. Are there things that have passed their use by date and you absolutely know you’ll never wear them again? Are there items that don’t fit? If anything needs mending pop it aside and make time to either drop it into your dressmaker, or you may do it yourself.

The main theme here is creating a wardrobe of clothes you are going to enjoy. That means organisation, clearing out what you no longer want or need, looking after your clothes and getting pleasure out of them. It’s well worth it and you’ll love being able to go to your wardrobe and immediately find exactly what you’re looking for. And remember, if you are (like me) going to donate some of your clothes to the charities, that leaves space for a few new pieces to be added to your lovely organised summer wardrobe.

I hope you find these tips useful, and wish you a wonderful month ahead.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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