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Dec 2010 – Decluttering Newsletter

Gioia Decluttering News

I hope your month hasn’t been too hectic so far, and that you’re looking forward to a good Kiwi wind down. I relish the time off for lovely family and friend catch ups; and I also enjoy the opportunity to do things around the house, declutter any areas that have slipped, and prepare my list of projects for the New Year. I don’t do a New Year’s Resolution list as such, but I do make a list of what I want to accomplish ‘during the year’. I will also be doing my list of 50 Tolerations [see my friend Sally’s Top 10 Tips which I’ve copied below] – this is a fabulous exercise and worth spending time on, both writing the list and then taking action.

Decluttering over the holiday break

Our Christmas and New Year holidays provide such a lovely long break. This is the time to kick back with a refreshing G&T and dream, plan the new year, and even think about decluttering. [Read more…]

Oct 2010 – Decluttering Newsletter

Gioia Decluttering News

I hope you are having a wonderful month, and enjoying the sunshine. Someone mentioned to me the other day that it’s just ten weeks until Christmas! Where did 2010 go?? I think our lives have all become so busy that we don’t even think about time passing, children growing up, and of course we’re all getting older… it all just happens around us. So here’s something to think about – is there something you really want to get completed [such as a project, plan or dream] before the end of this year so 2011 starts on a different note, or even a bright new note?

Benefits of Decluttering

Rather than providing a particular decluttering tip this month, I want to give you a few reasons why decluttering is a great thing to do: [Read more…]

Sep 2010 – Decluttering Newsletter

Gioia Decluttering News

It’s finally Spring, which often means spring cleaning, and it’s also the perfect time to declutter in readiness for those lovely long lazy Summer days. Whether you’re simply decluttering a few cupboards, an entire room, or maybe you’re contemplating downsizing your home – hopefully my tips below will help with the process.

How to downsize without stress

Downsizing is certainly a challenge, and can be an exercise in frustration and heartbreak if you’re trying to squish a large 3 or 4 bedroom home into a lovely old bungalow of just 2 bedrooms, or into a modern city apartment. Here are some suggestions that may ease the way for you: [Read more…]

Aug 2010 – Decluttering Newsletter

Gioia Decluttering News

Don’t you just feel that Spring is right around the corner! It’s almost time for that wonderful spring clean. I have a major declutter plan in mind for my wardrobe and after watching the fabulous Tim Gunn on his makeover programme a couple of days ago, I was inspired to start thinking about how I can pare down to basics. Then I’m going to attack my office cupboards and book shelves. I am a pretty organised person however I’m not a fanatic about it so I like to have a regular declutter every few months to stay on top of the stuff that manages to find its way into my home, and onto my desk.

Think about any areas that you just know need a good clear out and put a date with yourself in your diary to get it done. It’s immensely satisfying, and when you let go of things you no longer need or love, you are allowing space for lovely new things to enter.

And on the subject of decluttering, one of the biggest bug bears of almost everyone I know is sorting the hundreds of emails which come into our Inbox on a daily or weekly basis.

Are you drowning under the amount of emails sitting in your Inbox?

[Read more…]