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Some decluttering Guiding Principles

Whether you feel your entire home needs decluttering, or it’s just one room or area, these guiding principles will help you get started:

Create your vision of how you would like the area to look i.e. a minimalist clutter-free room, or a comfortable ‘lived in’ look with your favourite bits and pieces on show. Your vision will give you the impetus to get started, and keep going.

Write a work plan outlining what you’ll need to do, which can include moving furniture, investing in new bookshelves, cleaning out and reorganising cupboards and drawers.

Decide when you’re going to put your plan into action, and do allow yourself an hour or two of uninterrupted time when you’re ready to take action so you get a good run at it.

Take it one bite at a time! This will stop you from going into overwhelm. Perhaps you could start with just one cupboard, and work on that before tackling the rest of the room. Working to your plan means you can tick off what’s been done, and you’ll have a clear idea of what to do next.

What can you let go of this month?

At this time of year there may be a number of items you could discard, or archive:

– Last year’s diary [you may want to keep old diaries in an archive box, out of the way but still accessible if you need to refer back to them].

– Out of date calendars.

– Used Christmas gift paper and wrappings.

– The Christmas tree and decorations [these can be stored away in one or two large plastic containers with a clip top lid].

– Christmas cards [if you want to remember for next Christmas who sent you a card, make a list and throw the cards away].

– Appliance and toy boxes [unless the toys need to be kept in their box for storage].

I often think of a new year as hitting the Refresh button – a bit like cleaning house, literally and metaphorically. Do you make New Year Resolutions, goal lists, or decisions to ‘turn over a new leaf’ when it comes to any area of your life? Why not make one of those goals to start a decluttering project, bit by bit clearing what you don’t need any longer, and getting rid of that tension that can build up when you can’t find anything amidst the clutter.

And I recommend you reward yourself each time you manage to clear an area, or a room – rather than buying yourself something as a reward, you might enjoy instead a massage, manicure or a trip to the movies with a good friend.

If you haven’t already downloaded my free Special Report on my website, you might find this helpful for getting you started on your decluttering project.

I hope you find these tips useful. If you have an area in your home or office which continues to frustrate you, do contact me. I have a raft of ideas to handle any problem area. Meanwhile, have a great month and my very best wishes to you for a wonderful year.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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