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Organising for your next overseas trip

Like the magnificent Canadian geese that migrate to southern climes to avoid the harsh winters, many of us Kiwis head to the Northern hemisphere during our winter months for a touch of summer.

And I am very excited to be planning my own trip to visit family in Italy in June – it’s 7 years since I saw my Italian family and there are now three small children I am so looking forward to meeting.

Now, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that I’ve made my lists and am pretty organised already, even though I don’t leave until 9th June. However, some of these tips might make your travel preparation a little smoother.

Passport check: it was time to renew my passport and I found out from a friend that you can now do them online. It was easy and saved me having to package up my application form and send it off. Here’s the link to the website: And for my passport photo, I was able to get that done at my local Post Shop; they send you the PDF file so you can easily insert it into your online application.

Lists are essential as far as I’m concerned, and I make a note in my computer calendar of any important things I absolutely need to get done by a specific time. The lists include:
o Gifts I want to buy for the family and specific items my sister asks me to bring over
o Items I need to stock up on for myself before travelling
o My ‘what to pack’ list, which includes absolutely everything from clothes, shoes, and cosmetics, jewellery and accessories to iPad and chargers.

Comfort for those long flights: a well travelled friend recommended the special support socks or knee high stockings which you buy from the pharmacy. Given the huge discomfort from swelling in my legs and feet which I suffered during my last European flight some years ago I’m going to be well prepared this time. And since I had to go to my doctor this week, I decided to get some sleeping pills – I can’t believe I used to snooze the whole way to Europe in my younger years, and now I’m lucky if I can catch more than an hour or two of sleep on long flights.

Packing: I love this part because I really get excited with my departure date fast approaching. This is how I pack, and make sure nothing is forgotten:
o Naturally I have my list beside me, and a pen so I can tick items off as they go into my suitcase
o As to how to pack, there are two different methods I’ve used and I still haven’t decided which I prefer: you can roll your clothes firmly so that they are quite compact and sit along the bottom of your case; or you can fold and lay everything flat. Whichever way you decide is best, it’s often easier if you pack like items together so you can see at a glance each category of clothing.

– Something else that is recommended is taking a photocopy of your passport and keeping this in a separate place to your actual document.

I will be in touch briefly before I go in June. Until then, I wish you a wonderful month ahead, and much joy.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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