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Mar 2010 – Decluttering Newsletter

I love Autumn – that beautiful freshness in the air and the anticipation of a new season. I could never live anywhere where there is no clear definition of the seasons. I’d miss the gorgeous bright colours of Autumn, the warm cosiness of rugging up in Winter, the fresh beginnings and delight of Spring, and the lushness and vibrancy of Summer.

And of course, it’s also fun starting to bring out my warmer clothes and planning what I might add to my wardrobe this season. Oh, the bliss of shopping! However, and here’s a tip for the shoppers among you – when you’re buying anything new, think about what you have at home that you can discard or give away. If you follow this guideline you’ll find you can easily maintain order whether it be in your wardrobe, or in your cupboards.

Three Rules for becoming decluttered and organised

  • Determine the value: everything you own should have a value, whether it be that it’s beautiful or functional. Once I determine that an article is no longer needed, I start thinking about who I can pass it on to. I get the joy of giving and someone else benefits – that’s a win/win.
  • Everything really does need its own place: decide the best place [and most logical to you] for everything to live. If you’ve ever hunted high and low for your car keys you will know the value of this rule.
  • Focus is a wonderful thing: multitasking is not the best idea if you want to simplify your life. There are huge benefits in being able to focus on something and give it your undivided attention. And you’ll often get the task finished quicker too.

If you think about each of these rules you’ll find they apply both at home and in the business environment. We hold onto things long past their ‘use by’ date, often because we think we’ll need them one day. Chances are if that day comes, the item will be outdated or no longer the best solution for the job at hand. Pick one area to focus on, apply the rules, and feel the difference.

A last word

It really is about finding the joy, and this month I found it in my beauty therapist’s chair – the lovely Monique gave me a glorious facial, hand massage, and some great makeup tips. There is nothing quite like the wonderful relaxation of having a rejuvenating facial, and the benefits are immediately visible. Gentlemen, this is for you too! A regular facial will result in a younger looking skin, and make you feel fabulous as well. Visit Monique Teensma of EuroBeauty at her studio in Torbay – contact her on 09 473 3232 or email:

If you ever have any questions or want more details on any of my Tips featured in my newsletters, please feel free to contact me. I’m always more than happy to answer any queries.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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