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Jan 2011 – Decluttering Newsletter

Christmas is over, and we’ve entered a beautiful brand spanking new year! I hope you had a wonderful festive season and are enjoying the gorgeous weather. Did you take time out over the holidays to do any decluttering? I did my home office cupboards, including the fine detail sorting and filing. It takes a little while when you get into the detail because you’re having to make decisions as to whether something needs to be kept, or not, and if so where does it need to go. I love the process though, and of course it feels so great once it’s all done.

Teaching children about Decluttering

Have you ever been concerned that your children might become hoarders, or may already be? I’ve had many conversations with mothers of young children, and teenagers, about teaching children not to hoard. I believe if we can train children at a young age then as they grow older they’ll understand that there’s a choice – to live with clutter or without. Because believe me, there are costs when it comes to hoarding and they will often encompass the two major areas of finances and health.

One of my clients was concerned that her two boys were on the way to becoming hoarders – both boys are very creative and had a tendancy to want to keep everything they had made or painted since they were old enough to hold a crayon. The problem was their bedrooms would become chaotic because there just wasn’t the space to keep everything. She bit the bullet one day and asked me to help her declutter both boys’ bedrooms. However we did not throw their stuff out. Instead, we piled to one side of each room things for them to sort through so the boys could decide what they were happy to part with. And as we were working we discussed her concerns around hoarding.

I was delighted the next day to receive this email from my client: “The boys were really excited to see their tidy bedrooms. Knowing we had kept stuff for them to check, rather than throw it straight away made a real difference. I had a lovely chat with them both about having to get rid of the old to let the new in. I also got them to picture their bedrooms in 5 years’ time if they didn’t give away anything – they both got it. So hopefully new habits will be forming!”

My niece’s solution with her young boys was to tell them that if they put their toys and books that they no longer wanted on Trade Me they would get to keep the proceeds. Connor bought himself an IPOD with what he earned from selling his toys, while thrifty Tyler saved the dollars he earned from his Trade Me sales to put towards something special later on.

Whats new …

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? Are you convinced that there’s a book in you? My friend Peter is a published author and an experienced writing tutor, who offers online writing courses and also face to face learning in writing groups. Peter and I have had a lot of fun over the last few months co-authoring a book on Decluttering. Yes, I was one of those people who thought I’d love to write a book ‘one day’ but always came up against that wall of “what would I write about?” and “where do I start?” Thanks to Peter’s coaching and writing tips, my confidence soon grew and I am already thinking about our next book project. You might like to check out his website, and for those of you who are keen, he’s starting a writing group course in Kohimarama on Tuesday 8th February at 7pm.

Have a wonderful month and remember, you’re always welcome to contact me if you have any questions or just want a tip or two to help you get something handled.

In Joy!


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