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How is the Clutter affecting you?

I’ve talked about the benefits of decluttering and becoming organised in earlier newsletters. However, this time I want to first talk about some of the pain points clients tell me about when we first talk or meet. We may not realise how clutter impacts us, but believe me, it can be hugely stressful. Here are a few of the most common complaints I hear:

– I’m too ashamed to invite anyone to my house.

– I feel embarrassed and inadequate that I haven’t managed to get my home organised, but I’m so overwhelmed that I don’t even know where to start.

– Trying to get us all off to school and work in the mornings is a nightmare.

– I’ve got one or more rooms in my house that I can no longer use because they’re choc a block with stuff.

– We can’t get our cars into our 2 car garage because there’s no room.

– I just feel so stressed and out of control, and I’m sure my messy house isn’t helping matters.

– I keep having to go out and buy things that I know I’ve got somewhere in the house, but I can’t find them.

Now you can turn around every one of these negative circumstances and emotions and make them positive, for example:

– I love inviting people into my home, and I’m so proud that it’s attractive and orderly.

– Organising the family in the mornings is easy now that everyone knows where to find things, and we’re all so much more relaxed.

– It’s great to have the spare room back and it’s a pleasant room for friends or family to come and stay.

– The garage is so well organised that we’ve managed to park both the cars inside and have storage systems in place.

– I’m no longer double buying, and my stress levels have gone right down. I can now relax and enjoy my home.

The relief my clients feel when we’ve just done one room in their house is immense. They really can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, and it’s no longer an oncoming train! This is why I love what I do, when I see someone happy because their home is now not only liveable but actually inviting.

So if you’ve felt uncomfortable reading any of these statements above, maybe feel one or two may relate to you, and you would LOVE to get organised, call me! The difference it can make in your life is huge.

And as I love making a difference in peoples’ lives, so does my good friend Karen Oates. She’s offering a one hour complimentary session to those of you who resonate with what she’s written below…

“Have you ever thought ‘I’m over 50 and expected more out of life than this, by now!?’
How many times have you thought about changing but you just don’t know how, don’t believe you can, or feel too old to change? Do you feel like you are missing out in life? And would you love to feel the sparkle, sizzle and magic that you thought your middle years would offer you, but hasn’t yet provided?”

Karen Oates is an Empowerment Expert and is offering a 1 hour complimentary session to complete a diagnostic of where you are and design a plan for you to get that Sizzle, Sparkle and Magic! Call Karen on 0223 542 319 or email

I wish you a wonderful month ahead, and many blessings.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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