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Five Easy Tips for Organising Your Garage

Probably the most common area of the home I’m asked to declutter and organise is the garage. I imagine that’s not a surprise to many of you. Unfortunately the garage is often used as a dumping area for the overflow from the house, and can include boxes from the last house move, empty appliance boxes, and a multitude of other paraphernalia. The problem becomes when we have to search for something that we know is in the garage somewhere, but we have no idea where.

So what do you need to do first? Well, here are 5 of my top tips for getting on top of what may look like an irredeemable situation:

Declutter: please be prepared to throw out or give away what you really don’t need, and that you know you will never use again. That clutter is just taking up space you sorely need. Keep a rubbish bag handy and make quick decisions on what to keep and what to throw into the bag, and a few cardboard boxes are also handy while you’re going through this process for items you can donate to charities.

Storage systems: shelves, cupboards, old wardrobes, chests of drawers – all of these can be used for storage in a garage. Line them up against the walls for best use of space.

Build up the walls: as mentioned above, use every bit of wall space you can and build up rather than outwards. Try to keep the middle floor area of your garage completely clear so it can be used for parking, or other activities.

Categorise: the easiest way to set up systems in a garage is to create specific areas for each type of item you’re going to keep in the space. Some examples may be tools, gardening implements, paint and brushes etc, sports gear, archived business papers, etc.

Visibility: make everything as visible as possible, for example, if using plastic storage boxes [and by the way, these are much better than cardboard cartons] label the side of the box so once you have the boxes stacked up the wall, you can see at a glance what each plastic box contains.

Garages are wonderful spaces with many uses, as long as we organise them well. They can double as home office work spaces, play areas for the kids, and have corners designated for the workbench, and handy storage.

I love decluttering and organising garages! It’s always an interesting challenge to create an organised space from what may look like utter chaos. And the satisfaction, both mine and my clients’, is enormous. If you need a hand to get your garage organised why not give me a call. The thing is, your garage is a handy extension to your home, why not make the best of it.

I wish you a wonderful month ahead, and much joy and blessings.

Warmest regards

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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