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Decluttering Newsletter – What you don’t see…

Sorry this is a little later than usual. Last week I was immersed in the tragedy of Christchurch’s devastating earthquake and my thoughts continue to be with those in that beleaguered city. And the weekend found me working with my sister on Mototapu Island catering for a school camp of 134 children and adults… Marvellous what we can do when we just say “yes”!

As an avid declutterer, I love this email response received from one of my contacts to whom I had mentioned my monthly ‘decluttering tips’ newsletters. Here’s her inspiring response:

“I have my de-cluttering well under control. (And part of that is not going on people’s databases!) All novels and magazines and newspapers go straight to The Caring Shed at my daughter’s school or the recycling the minute they are finished. If I buy cosmetics all the cardboard packaging stays in the mall. If I buy an item of clothing, three others get sent to charity. All newspapers and magazines have advertising inserts (and sections I don’t read) discarded at the dairy. All mail gets opened and discarded at the post office. Even Christmas Cards are read then immediately binned. Good luck to any piece of clutter that tries to make it into my house!” And I thought I was good!

What you don’t see you won’t wear / use / eat …

Now this may sound odd but bear with me and you’ll see what I mean:

In our home:

  • Kitchen: pantry, fridge and cupboards – food that’s tucked in behind will be forgotten and at risk of expiring and becoming unusable
  • Living room: magazine racks, book shelves and entertainment unit – these are areas that can be easily trimmed down by donating old magazines and books to hospitals
  • Wardrobe: if garments are hung on top of each other chances are you’ll not see [and therefore not wear] whatever is underneath
  • Home office: keeping active files in view means you are going to be more likely to action them

In our business:

  • Business and marketing plans: from personal experience, by keeping these documents in a file on my desk means I do refer to them, and use them
  • Resource material: sometimes we forget [or can’t find] the terrific resources we may have gathered, keep this material in a file or drawer where it’s visible and accessible.

This may all sound simplistic but by paying attention to these areas, and stacking and storing items in a way that they are visible, you will save time and money.

And finally, for something completely different…

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a language, then how about Italian. If you’ve read my “About” page on my website you’ll know I lived in Italy for a number of years and love the country and its language. I’m now giving private Italian lessons to a couple who are going to Italy later this year. Learning with another person is great because you get to keep practicing what you’ve learnt. Can you imagine being able to express yourself in this wonderful romantic language? And what fun learning Italian with a friend. I can bring the language alive for you. Call me now – I am only taking on a very few new students at a time. A presto!

My best wishes to all of you for a wonderful month.

In Joy!

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