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Decluttering Tips & Tricks – Organising Bags

I promised to let you know how I got on with the Feng Shui challenge, and yes I did manage to throw out 243 items over the course of the nine days! Amazing considering I regularly declutter most areas of my home and home office. So here are the areas I tackled: wardrobe, pantry & kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanity unit including cosmetics and old pills and medicines, office clutter & papers, outdated warranties and software, magazines, computer files and email folders. I even threw out my laptop which died during the process, and my stove! I didn’t have to replace the laptop but I did get a lovely new stove. And I promise it was a great experience – I love moving stuff on that I no longer want or need either by donating or filling rubbish bags.

Organising handbags

This tip is for us girls who like voluminous handbags, but struggle to keep them organised so that we can find what we want. If you’ve searched your handbag for house keys or a ringing cell phone you’ll know what I mean. The clever little plastic container below [given to me by my clever and very organised sister-in-law] organises everything beautifully, and it’s so easy to pluck out of one bag to transfer to another. And as it’s transparent it’s easy to see everything at a glance. I also steer clear of handbags with black lining as it’s impossible to find anything unless you virtually put your head inside…

Organising briefcases

Whether you have a hard briefcase, or one of the soft slouchy bags that strap over your shoulder, it can still become a jumbled mess of papers, files, bills, etc etc. I’ve found the best solution here is to invest in a few L-Shaped Pockets. They’re firm plastic sleeves which are open along the top and one side so it’s easy to slip papers in and out, and again because they’re transparent you don’t have to label them, it’s immediately obvious what’s in each file. I suggest you get a few different colours so you can colour code the types of papers you keep in your briefcase – it’s a fast way of being able to retrieve what you’re looking for in seconds.

I hope you find these tips useful. If you have an area in your home or office which continues to frustrate you, do contact me. I have a raft of ideas to handle any problem area. Meanwhile, have a wonderful month.

In Joy!

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