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Why Declutter – the Myths and Realities

Let’s debunk some of the myths around decluttering:

  1. I’ll need a skip to cart all my stuff away

    In my experience the only time a skip has been used was to clear out a very full garage. Usually a mix of rubbish bags and a donation bag will do the trick nicely.

  2. My home will end up looking sterile and boring

    Not at all. I’m not a fan of absolute minimalism, a home that shows its character and charm is much more appealing. Clutter doesn’t lend itself to creating a beautiful environment, but finding a suitable place for everything can.

  3. Trying to stay uncluttered will be a chore

    In fact, once a home has been decluttered and reorganised clearing up and putting things away becomes quicker and easier.

  4. It will revert to its cluttered state again

    When a home has been found for everything, and systems put in place that are easy for everyone to use, the pleasure of maintaining a clutter-free home will far outweigh any reluctance in maintaining the organisation.

  5. The family won’t put anything away

    Most people, including husbands and kids, want to live in an orderly environment. As soon as they see how easy it is to find things, it will become natural for everyone in the family to return items to their home.

  6. “Creative” people enjoy the chaos of all their stuff

    Even the artists among us can enjoy having all of their materials and resources categorised and organised and soon see the benefit of lovely clear working spaces, while knowing exactly where they can put their hand on every item.

  7. Decluttering will be expensive and take a lot of hard work

    Decluttering will actually cost a lot less than the ongoing costs of maintaining a storage unit for items you’ve got packed away. The process can also be broken down to a few hours a week, and the satisfaction of seeing your home transformed room by room, cupboard by cupboard, will make any ‘work’ involved completely worthwhile.

  8. It will feel like housework – boring and never ending

    Since the changes made are often dramatic, and lasting, it’s exciting to see everything come together. And once the home has been thoroughly decluttered, housework is done more efficiently and almost becomes pleasurable.

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“Angella Gilbert is a godsend. She is the de-clutter queen of greater Auckland and the world. She can transform a kitchen, bedroom or garage converting what was a tip into a highly functioning work or rest space. She doesn’t bully or hector clients, just takes a few minutes to size up a job then makes hundreds of small suggestions, often ones that in hindsight seem simple and obvious. She has a knack of using what you already have and a keen eye for putting random things together in formations that only occur to a true artist. Angella transformed the home I had with my estranged wife and both of us used her when we moved on.”

Peter Cross