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Decluttering and Organised Systems can save you money

You really can save money by first decluttering your home and/or office environment, and then setting up processes and systems to establish more flow and control in your everyday life.

Organising tips

Here are some very simple tips, and systems, on how you can do this:

  • Create one place where you put cash or cheques so they don’t get misplaced. Have a dedicated container on your desk, or on top of the fridge, which is visible and readily accessible when it’s time to do the shopping or go to the bank.

  • Paying penalties on bills paid after their due date? Set up your regular bills on direct debit. You still get to check the billed amount before it’s deducted from your bank account, and you will in many cases earn a small discount for paying on time.

  • Create a follow up system for tracking your clients’ payments. This could be a diary note, or a specific day of the week when you follow up debtors. Using a simple spreadsheet detailing the date and the amount you invoiced your client, you can quickly check your bank statement online to see if payment has been made.

  • Overbuying! This happens when your office is cluttered and such things as stationery items are not kept together in the same area i.e. do you have several reams of opened copy paper?

  • Overflowing and disorganised pantries often mean there may be not only expired food items, but also several containers of the same item i.e. you can’t find the pasta so you go out and buy some more [and later find that there are six packets in the back of the pantry.]

  • Recycle your paper to create blocks of scribble paper which you can clip together with a bulldog clip and use for writing yourself notes and reminders. You can also use your recycled paper for printing interesting articles from the internet and emails.

  • “Time is money”! Decluttering your environment means you will not spend fruitless minutes, and sometimes hours, searching for that valuable file or piece of paper. Your time can be better spent.

  • Trade Me – what a great opportunity to make money from items in the home you no longer want or use. To save time, stockpile anything you want to put on Trade Me and put it all on at once.

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