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The Immense benefits of Decluttering

While the idea of decluttering and becoming more structured and organised may seem boring, or at best time consuming, the benefits are exciting and well worth it. What do we complain about most in our lives? Lack of time, stress, too much to do, can’t find things when we want them; and I’m sure we could add to this list.

Decluttering is not just about our physical environment, it affects our mind and our sense of well being. Below are just some of the benefits we can enjoy when we declutter and organise our lives:

  • Free up valuable time – it’s amazing the difference it makes, and how much more efficient we become, when we can immediately access what we need to complete the task at hand. Whether in the home or the workplace, fruitless searching for items not only loses time, but causes frustration, and can tempt us to ‘give up’.

  • Diminish stress levels – having a place for everything, and everything in its place, creates a space where we become clear and focused on what we want to accomplish. There are no distractions, our processes become more streamlined and everything flows.

  • Liberate an over-active mind – this seems to happen effortlessly when our environment has been put in order. We are no longer surrounded by ‘busyness’ and can quite clearly see what it is we want to achieve. Try clearing the mind by writing everything down, rather than trying to commit everything to memory. Scratch pads and pens placed strategically [ie by the bed, favourite chair, in the car, in the handbag or briefcase etc] allows you to capture ideas immediately, and jot down reminders of tasks that need to be done.

  • Satisfaction – a wonderful sense of freedom exists when we have created organisation in our lives. It’s hugely satisfying to look around and see clear uncluttered surfaces, organised cupboards and shelves, and well utilised storage systems.

  • Harmony – the word harmony is synchronous with accord, agreement, peace and unity. What bliss when we have that, when our home and workplace give us pleasure, when our mind is free to create, and when we feel at peace with ourselves and the world.

Our environment sustains us, and creates a beautiful backdrop for who we are and how we live. It is therefore life enhancing to take the time to clear our work and living environments, and create those structures in our lives which allow us to function at our best.

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