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Declutter and Organise Workshop – Sunday 10 November


I’m running another full day workshop at Selwyn Community Education in Kohimaramara Road on Sunday November 10th and I’d love you to join me.  Here’s the link to the course:

We will be discussing downsizing and decluttering, what to keep and what to let go, storage ideas, organising personal papers, and your wardrobe, and more…  This is an opportunity for you to not only talk about your problems around clutter and organisation, but also to listen to those of others.

The class is not large, and usually capped at around 15 or 16 participants.  I provide a Workbook for you to take notes, plus handouts for you to take away.  And as I say right at the beginning, this is not a ‘lecture’, this is participative exercise and I am continually checking in for feedback so everyone gets as much value as they can from the day.

The important thing is that everyone gets to see that we all have similar problems around clutter, and the stress it causes.  Discussions are lively and there’s lots of interaction from everyone making the day fun and interesting.

Here’s some feedback from my previous course:

“I really appreciated the tone of the class. Angela was very encouraging and welcoming. She facilitated the group very skilfully so that everyone participated and shared their knowledge and experience.  I liked the flexibility of the group.”

 “Angela had a positive presence and it was really easy to follow what she was saying. The content of the day was structured but not rigid.  Angela listened with empathy and ensured that everyone heard both questions and answers.  At appropriate times she shared her own experiences and this gave credibility to what she was telling us.”

 “Angela was an excellent presenter, very focused on everyone’s issues/problems and everything I hoped to learn was covered. As well as being very informative, it was also very entertaining (thanks to Angela and some of the participants). “

 “I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly but was hopeful. Course gave me reassurance that my own ideas, slowly forming, were sound & that there were other ways to deal with the issues.”

 “Angella was great!  Very friendly, enthusiastic and non-judgmental about everyone’s own personal ‘cluttered’ situation.  All areas were covered despite all the interruptions she had.”


If you’ve been struggling to get rid of that clutter and want to enjoy the feeling of being organised and more relaxed in your environment then do come along.  You will definitely come away with ideas, loads of tips, and hopefully the momentum you’re looking for to get started on your decluttering project.

Warmest regards