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Culling old beauty products, and making space for new ones

One of my clients recently emailed me to say she had spent the good part of a day sorting through her makeup and hair products. She found brand new stuff not opened that had been sitting in the drawers for years, and realised that she didn’t even want to risk putting out of date stuff on her face. As she said, “I wouldn’t eat stale food would I?” She determinedly threw it all in the rubbish bin, and said she felt wonderful. Her new rule: don’t buy any new products until she’s used up the ones she still has at home.

She finished her email saying: “… having space in my home feels wonderful. Lastly, I congratulate you for your newsletters – they are always helpful. But more importantly, it reminds me to keep up the effort of living ‘light’.” I love this comment about ‘living light’, I enjoy this feeling too in my own home, and I regularly declutter to maintain this.

Coming back though to the beauty products, we all know our food comes with ‘use by’ dates, but often don’t think about our cosmetics and skin care creams expiring. I would say most of us have makeup in our bathroom cupboards that has probably been there for a very long time. As my client said, do we really want to put old products on our skin? I think we all want our skin to look radiant and fresh no matter what age we are, and that means taking care of it and not using products which are long past their use by date.

Here’s where I suggest you get really focused, with that thought in mind. Keep a rubbish bag beside you and take everything out of your bathroom vanity and anywhere else that you keep cosmetics and creams.

– Pick up every item and try to recall when you bought it – was it only recently, or was it so long ago you’ve forgotten exactly when. You may be able to go through this process really quickly, especially once you get into the flow and start feeling exciting about throwing stuff out.

– Is it still a colour you wear, as in lipsticks and eye shadows? Do you find you are using the same lipstick and eye shadow every day, which may be because you feel the other colours no longer suit you, or because you can’t see them amongst the clutter.

– How old is your mascara, is it drying out and clogging your eyelashes? I’ve read somewhere that we should replace our mascara every six months.

– Okay, now onto your skin care products, and there are plenty of those from day and night creams, foundation, serums, eye cream and the list goes on… and then there’s the samples we are given at the beauty counter. Again, think about how old the products are and have you replaced the older creams with new ones. If so, you could cull the creams and serums that you know you’ve had for a long time, and are no longer using.

– Samples in small packages are sometimes useful to pop in your toilet bag when you are travelling for a short period; this could include samples of skin creams and shampoo and conditioner.

– At the same time, you might like to also go through your medicines, these definitely have an expiry date and if we’re not accessing the medicine container very often we won’t realise if the cough syrup, ointment or tablets are past their expiry date until we want to use them.

In summary, it’s not just about culling expired and/or old products it’s about creating space and being able to put your hand on what you’re looking for immediately, because it’s visible! There’s also the fact that once you’re thrown out all those old skin creams and makeup, you can have some fun replacing them.

My blessings and warm wishes for a wonderful month ahead. It’s Spring next week and I for one will be glad to say goodbye to what I feel has been a cold Winter. And I love the bright and beautiful Spring days.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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