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Creating Flow This Year

I hope you have had a fabulous festive season, and had a relaxing break. I certainly had a lovely relaxing time, and made it productive as well. I relished the opportunity to do my regular Christmas/New Year declutter in my own home over the break. I do mini clear-outs often during the year, particularly when seasons change giving me the opportunity to sort through my wardrobe and give away what I no longer want or use. However, the end of year project is more thorough and that’s when I really get stuck in – no cupboard, drawer or space is sacred and this time I created 3 full rubbish bags, and numerous supermarket plastic bags of papers and books, plus another 3 or 4 bags of items I donated to Hospice. What a feeling of satisfaction, and I’m loving my reorganised spaces.

Here’s my suggestion for you to create beautiful uncluttered spaces in your home, and workplace this year:

Each day give away, throw away or let go of something – it may be one item, or a number of items in the same category. Do this initially for 30 days, and then do another 30 days!

Once you get into the flow of letting go, you’ll really enjoy the feeling of satisfaction as the areas in your home become clearer, day by day. Here’s a step by step process to make it easier for you:

1. Create a list of the areas in your home which you would love to eventually have decluttered. This will include drawers, cupboards, under beds, wardrobes etc.

2. Once you’ve made your list you can then either highlight the areas you want to start with, or decide day by day what you’re going to give away or throw away. A deciding factor may be when you are searching for something in a drawer and realise there’s a whole pile of stuff in there that you don’t need any more. Or there might be one area, or cupboard, that has always been crammed and drives you a bit crazy so you’ll start there.

3. Keep two or three bags handy, maybe store them in the garage for now – a rubbish bag, a bag for donating to charities, and maybe a bag to give to people you know who may have use for particular items.

4. As each bag fills up, dump it or drop it off to the charity of your choice.

5. And last but not least, don’t second guess yourself! In other words, don’t delve back into the bags and rethink your initial impulse. The first thought of throwing away or giving away is the one to follow. Once you start thinking, ‘I might need/use/want that someday in the future’ you risk sabotaging your decluttering efforts.

These are simple steps for the process of clearing your home of unwanted items. However, it doesn’t mean to say it’s easy… I know how difficult it is for people to let go of things. The important thing is to keep a clear vision of how you want your home to look and feel, and also think about how you’re going to love your uncluttered and organised home.

If you do decide to give this a try, and get stuck at any time, give me a call or drop me an email. I’m more than happy to provide tips, ideas and encouragement.

All my best wishes for a wonderful month ahead.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

P: 09 410 4166
M: 027 224 8937

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