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Controlling Your Email Inbox

Controlling Your Email Inbox

I think we all have difficulties coping with the amount of emails that surge into our Email Inbox.  How can we keep up with them all…  That’s the burning question.  I try to keep my Inbox content down to less than 100 emails, however it does sometimes become a bit unruly if I haven’t kept up with them.  I know that may sound like a lot to some of you but I tend to keep interesting emails in the Inbox until I have read them then I ditch or file them into a sub-folder which is why it sometimes creeps up to 100 plus emails.

The easiest way I have found to store emails is to create sub-folders in the Inbox, really just the same as your Folders and Sub-Folders in your My Documents on your computer, and potentially as you would file hard copy documents in a filing cabinet.  Sorting emails by category makes it a simple job to file emails into the relevant folder/sub-folder, and really quick to go back and find them.

Filing emails by shifting them over into their folder or sub -folder is then a simple matter of hitting your FROM tab on the top bar and then moving all the emails from that sender over into the relevant folder.  You can then do exactly the same in your Sent box except you hit the TO tab.

Unsubscribing to emails you no longer wish to receive will also make a difference in keeping the emails to a manageable number and I regularly scroll through my emails and Unsubscribe.

SPAM emails can also be a nightmare and it’s recommended that you don’t open them.  If you don’t already have a Reading Pane which allows you to have a quick preview of your inward emails then I suggest you go to View on the Tool Bar and select the Reading Pane that suits you.  I use the Right Reading Pane as I find it more convenient than the option of  having the reading pane at the bottom.

I know there will be other ways of dealing with emails, using Rules etc, however I like to use the simplest methods possible.

If  your Inbox is already unwieldy and it takes you ages to find an email, then you might like to try some of these tips.  You’ll find once you’ve set up your folders and sub-folders, and use them, and start unsubscribing, then you can really get stuck in and file and cull emails.  I promise you it’s worth the effort you put in to set up your systems.

Very best wishes to you.

In Joy