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Clutter Free Drawers & Cupboards

Now wouldn’t that be great. I think we all have problem drawers or cupboards; yes I admit even I have a difficult linen cupboard which I have to access by standing on a chair. However, it is possible to have really organised drawers and cupboards with some very simple steps:

– Make a trip to your local $2-$3 shop and buy a number of different size containers. Sizes may depend on whether you are going to organise a drawer, cupboard or shelves.

– Now it may seem like I’m putting the cart before the horse, and in some ways this is true, because you may not know what type of container you need until you start the organising process. However you can get an idea from assessing the contents of the drawer or cupboard, and it’s good to have the containers ready to use when you get started.

– So let’s say you are going to start with the miscellaneous kitchen drawer, you know the one where you keep such items as bag ties, string, scotch tape, and numerous other types of bits and bobs. Take everything out of the drawer and sort items into like-minded piles.

– The next step is to simply allocate each group of items into their own container. You will have already decided which containers will fit into the drawer, bearing in mind that you might need a variety of different sizes i.e. small for paper clips and drawings pins, a larger one for strings and scotch tape, and potentially another size for batteries.

– The trick is to line the containers up so they fit neatly into the drawer, each has its own category of items, and everything is visible and easy to access.

You can now use this principle for almost any area in your home, such as the vanity cupboard in the bathroom, laundry, garage, kitchen pantry, fridge, and even within your closet and chest of drawers.

I use containers and boxes everywhere in my home, I wouldn’t be without them. And it’s so easy to keep everything tidy, organised and easy to find.

I wish you a wonderful month ahead, and much joy and blessings.

Warmest regards

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

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