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Christmas Season Downtime

Christmas and a brand new year are just around the corner, and hopefully you will get to take a break and be able to relax and wind down. I will be having a break, although I’m certainly ‘on call’ if you want to do some decluttering and/or organising of your home, office or even the garage.

However, while I’m relishing the idea of there being nothing I have to do, and nowhere I have to go, I also like to make my time off a bit productive. So I’ve made a list of what I want to accomplish over the holiday period. The Christmas/New Year break is such a nice time to complete some projects that you may have been thinking about but just not got around to during the year. And when you don’t have huge demands on your time you’re able to focus on any projects with ease and with a few less interruptions.

Here are a few things I’m going to work on over my break:

1. Update my personal and business goals, and put in place some daily structures so that I’m starting off the New Year really focused, and feeling terrific.

2. Sort my boxes of photos and finally put them in albums [something I have been meaning to do for a very long time].

3. Sort through the many magazines I’ve accumulated during the year and decide what I want to keep and what can go.

4. Create a plan, with a good friend, on how I can carry out some simple renovations in my home, and freshen it up with some new ideas.

Of course, as you can imagine, my list is longer than that, but that’s just a few items that I’m looking forward to working on and getting completed.

Above all, I believe this is a wonderful time to reflect on the year that has passed, and really think about what we’d like to accomplish in the New Year. It’s also a time to take a breather and truly relax our body and mind, read a few good books, spend lots of time with the kids and family, and be kind to ourselves. We often rush around all year doing things for everybody else but don’t take enough time out for ourselves. It’s about having that balance in our lives that I talk about, and it’s so important.

And if you would like some expert help over the next few weeks, please do get in touch. I’m not going anywhere so I will be around if you feel you’d like to get some of that decluttering done.

I am sending you blessings and my warmest best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, a truly relaxing and enjoyable holiday, and a New Year full of joy, love and hope.

In Joy!

Angella Gilbert

P: 09 410 4166
M: 027 224 8937

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